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    Feel sorry watching West Indies struggling against our fast bowler

    Yes, I am happy the way Indian cricket team has been performing so far. They have won 1st test with big margin and on the way to win second test if the weather support Indian team. However, It was a sight which even the Great Players of West Indies would not have imagine, happened on the pitch. The Indian fast bowler has trouble them with "short pitch" balls?

    It is true that some of their senior players are not in the test team but still they should have done far better on their own pitches. I felt sorry because I have seen some Great West Indies batsman and equally great fast bowlers creating horror on the pitch against their opponents.

    What is your opinion about it.
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    West Indies cricket is now on a downhill journey. Roberts, Holding, Garner, Croft, Marshal, Walsh, Ambrose and Bishop are now history. Ravii Rampaul was the last good pace bowler. Now he is not playing.

    So far as West Indian batting is concerned, there is no good batsmen after Chandrapaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan. I don't consider Chris Gayle a test batsman.

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    Actually what is happening is that the West Indies player are not trying to know themselves and that's why they are struggling, actually most of the player in the team is of sledge hitters and they are not meant for the test match playing, if we look at the past of the West Indies team then we will find that they are immensely talented players of test format and now everyone in the West Indies team wants to hit out of the park and that's why they are unable to find the way out to play the fast bowler of India. And one more thing West Indies team is not a bad team.
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    As if my message reached to West Indies and the middle and lower order batsman showed some brave playing. The match ended in a draw. The pitch was of the last days and become slow. However, the credit must go to West Indies batsman. For India, they are already 1-0 ahead, they should show better playing and win this series.
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