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    Do you feel safe during air travels?

    We all must thank the God that all the 282 passengers and 18 crew members onboard a Boeing 777 which crash landed at Dubai International Airport are safe. The flight EK 521 of Emirates airline was on its way from Thiruvananthapuram and caught fire after a crash landing at Dubai. The passengers were evacuated safely before the fire spread. The plane landed on its tail and its right wing caught fire.
    Nowadays, the air travel has become very common like a train or bus journey. People prefer air travel as it is the fastest mode of travel and people are able to attend to their important business related or personal work within a very short period.
    Do you feel safe during air travels?
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    Kailash Ji, in the present era, there is danger always once we step out from the house. Even going by walking a rash motor cycle person dashes us and brakes our leg. When poor people sleeps on the platform they have been squeezed by lorry persons without their knowledge. I have seen many autos are turning out in many parts of New Delhi. I myself got injured as the auto travelled by me overturned near the New Delhi Railway Station during the year 1983 which made me to bedridden for two months. Trains are derailing in many places. Recently a mono rail in Mumbai got stopped in the middle way. Air travel is just costly risk that is all.

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