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    Talents never get revealed unless there is dedication

    When we working in an organisation whether small or big we should work with dedication and full involvement. Then we will get automatically love on the job and our inherited talent will come
    out. Once we shrink ourselves on any circumstances or wrong advice or even on some dejection, we ourselves dragged and submerged in problems and our talent will get vanished slowly. Once we got some dedication in our work the small percentage will improve further and further and thereby the job satisfaction will automatically come into us. There may be elements which are dragging us to backward or downward from our present position such as lower/insufficient salary or lack of promotion etc., But my view is our fullest dedication will automatically make us to lead a satisfactory life in the same job. If there is no dedication in the job our talents will get shrink and become useless to even for us. An example through an video can be referred here. A parotta shop in Madurai Outskirts -roadside a parotta maker got a good talent of preparing fast and his talent can be
    viewed the video with astonishment.
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    Full devotion, sincerity and dedication is a must for success in any assignment. It requires patience and persistence also. We have to give our best happily in whatever we are doing. Having a half hearted approach never fetches success. Though harboring ambition is not considered bad, but one has to be realistic also and should set only such goals which are achievable.
    Many people lead a happy and contented life by loving what they do . Such people remain satisfied with whatever they have and never resort to corrupt practices for gaining which is not within their reach.
    Simple living and high thinking is the guiding principle for such people. They do their best and are able to take a sound sleep without having symptoms of depression or cardiovascular diseases.
    Many people waste their time meant for learning in other activities. I often feel pity for such people. Such people say that their youth period is the time for enjoyment without knowing the actual meaning of enjoyment.
    Real enjoyment comes only after becoming able to be of any worth.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes those who love their work and profession no matter big or small they get watched by the people with so many enthusiasm. Some times I get baffled over the masters at the kitchen who can bring good tasty food within short period. Once I had been to a Udupi hotel and the curries were just over. Since we four of the family went there, the owner immediately ordered the master to do fresh curry immediately. Believe it or not by the time the bearer was arranging our plates and salad, the master has already made the curry ready and thus we are treated with fresh curry with great taste. That is the ability of the talented person in particular profession working with enthusiasm.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I partially agree with you Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman. If there is no dedication, existing talent gets wasted. Every person is unique and has a unique talent. But, the fraction of multi talented people is less. If we have interest and dedication, already existing talent can be used to its best. But, it is difficult to develop an interest towards something in which we are not interested and dedicate. It is not impossible but it is difficult. So, it is better to try to do what we are interested in. In case the person's situations doesn't permit, he/she should try other things and try to dedicate in that area.

    Let us continue learning.

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