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    What is the reason for struggleness to persons even staying near God in temples

    I went to a temple with my friend who is having less interest in God and such matters but we cannot say that he have no faith on God. When we had a darshan in the main shrine of the God and got all prasadams from the poojari(panda) and came out to the temple tank steps for sitting for a while and during our talk, my friend asked me that the poojaris we are seeing inside the temple that too near to the God's Shrine found in the status of struggling for daily bread. Since such people are near the God, why the God do not take care of them? It made me think. But I told him about the self content nature in them and I narrated a story read by me in a book on this topic. Once a man who was sincere devotee of Lord Shiva sat under the tree by stitching his cloths. He was noticed by Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Parvathi, with mother's care, asked Lord Shiva why not He offer some help to him as he is the sincere devotee. Lord Shiva though knowing well everything nodded His head and both of them came down before the devotee. The man felt that somebody stood before him and raised his head. On seeing the Lord Shiva and Parvathi before him he got immense happy. The man invited Them, offered buttermilk to them and he continued in his work. On induction of Parvathi, Lord Shiva asked that man to ask any boon from Him. That man replied that ,"nothing is required as I am self content". Lord asked him again to ask any boon as Parvathi intended so. The man after very fuss replied,"Ok let me have a boon that the thread should go properly behind the needle". Astonished Parvathi asked the man that ,"the thread is already in the way of needle and what is the necessity of asking boon in this connection?" The man replied that ,"I am leading a peaceful life with sincere devotion on Lord Shiva, do all my duties with sincerity. I will get the benefits accordingly automatic, then why should I ask for any boon,my Lord know what to give to me, then why should I long for this and that? " By seeing his sincere devotion and strong belief Parvathi wondered and both of them blessed him and vanished.
    I believe this is correct what I told him as answer. Any opinion from our friends on his question is invited.
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    It is normally said that those who are priests are surely going to thrive on the offerings made to the God and thus the donations and the food served from the temple wont give them the desired happiness. Except the priests of TTD at Tirumala, no priests of other temples were rich and settled. They have one problem or the other. Even though outsiders would think that the priest would be getting cash collections from the donations given by devotees in the harathi plate. in some temples even that amount were taken by the endowment departments and thus they are unable to earn some decent income through their profession. But TN government is helping every priest with decent salaries and also restored many old temples which were not being given status during DMK government. Thus priests are once again having some livelihood and they must be respected and regarded.

    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    You asked a question and explained the answer with an example Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman. A priest believes in god. So, a priest also believes that god will do whatever he/she has to for his/her devotees. But, it is a fact that they cannot survive with the money they earn by being a priest. Some temples give salaries to priests. The best example is TTD (Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanams). If salaries are given to the priests of other temples too, it would be helpful.

    Let us continue learning.

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    In Goa, almost all the temples pay the salaries to the priests. Some temples here have the tradition of having a contract rather than a fixed employment. Priests are given a contract for a period of two or three years. For the period they are working as priests, they are given regular salary. Other than the salary they are not allowed to get any other offering - including that on Arti plate.

    I would think that would be the best tradition as it would let the priests live a normal life.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Usually people ask such kind of questions only with regard to God, because they know God will not come for self defence.
    But we see many such human gods in wealth and power and swayingtheir rule on masses.
    For example there will be a gardener, a messenger, a cleaner, helper milkman etc .etc. who will be serving a minister, business man or a big bureaucrat. But their life will be as per their low income. There may be some beggars also near their office or home. These big people may be dropping coins to them also.Then, Is not the similar question "Since such people are near the ..(minister, businessman, bureaucrat,) , why the (minister, bureaucrat or businessman) do not take care of them" relevant here also?
    The practical side may be that even though they will be living in their own conditions, when a special situation like education o child, illness, marriage or some other special situation arises, the 'suffering' people may use their proximity to the big people and ask for help. The help will be given also. There is a suitable 'time' for everything.
    Traditionally it is believed that one's life is the sequence and result of his own deeds –good or bad-.That may be some carried over from previous birth and some from the present birth life.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Physical proximity cannot be interpreted as closeness to the God. That way almost all big temples are surrounded by many beggars and many of them are physically disabled and afflicted with diseases like leprosy etc. also.
    I think most of the vendors in the surroundings of the temples selling 'puja samagri' are cheats. Not only the vendors, even the auto rickshaw wallah and all other service providers in the surrounding are generally always interested in fleecing the tourist visitor.
    Most of the priests also are generally involved in emotionally blackmailing the devotees.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Even gods face difficult times and had to suffer from the influence of various curses. The life of Jesus Christ was not a bed of roses. Even Lord Sri Ram or Lord Sri Krishna faced various problems in life. It is all about destiny. If that is the case of gods, then we humans are feeble beings and our lives depend upon our destiny. Everything is already written in our destiny. If suffering and poverty is engraved in it, no matter what we do, we will have to face it. This life is a journey we go on about its pre defined path until we reach our final destination. We rely on God for our mental satisfaction. God acts as an authority, helps us back on track if we have swayed from path and gives us the motivation, enthusiasm and determination to go on. Praying God does not make every one rich and not all our prayers are answered. If so everyone would be super rich Kings and queens, living a problem free life for eternity. some truly dedicated devotees spend their whole life praying God, spend huge amounts of money in charity, get priests at home and conduct valuable pooja, havan and so on. Even such people face some or other problems. some might be incurring huge money losses and problems, some may have all the money they want yet might be plagued with incurable disease and depression. some others may be longing for true love and care from their spouses and children.
    If there was better financial conditions and a better life in the poor priest's life, he would have got to serve in the temple that provided attractive salaries or a temple which is always crowded with devotees who donate lot of money in the form of dakshina.

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