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    You may be successful not because of opportunity or luck, just because you were enthusiastic.

    If you ask any performer who has over taken the rest of the persons and lead as the topper, his answer would be hard work, great planning , luck, no strong contender and taking it seriously about the matter. But the real fact when probed about the success of many would be their ability to do the work or attend the target with great enthusiasm and that would baffle even the rivals. So never loose enthusiasm while chasing your targets and tasks, surely you will be the talk of the town for the stupendous success which is in store in near future.
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    Everything resides in our mind. Whatever our mind thinks, things go accordingly. Mind is a very powerful tool to success and failure. The enthusiasm is too is a complete mindset, which is the first secret of a successful person. Suppose a scientist is too brilliant in his researches, but due to lack of enthusiasm he fails to complete the project. There are many examples of enthusiasm that bury the terms like opportunity and luck. Some success stories in history about enthusiasm; like in movie 300, where 300 Spartan soldiers fought with 7,000 Greek soldiers and win the war at last. The Greek soldiers are very untailored and pleasurable, but their number is surplus in comparison to Spartans' team. Spartans are enthusiastic and devoted due to which they succeeded.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    The qualities "hard work, great planning, luck, no strong contender and taking it seriously about the matter" may or may not lead to success. In my opinion, if a person enjoys what he/she is doing, it definitely leads to success. Enthusiastic persons are eager to do more which ultimately results in success.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Whatever word may be used to describe the contributory factors for success, ultimately the hard work, dedication, devotion, sincerity, determination, focus, concentration, persistence and consistent efforts pays. Of course, without willingness or enthusiasm in the words of the author of the thread, nothing can be achieved. The candidate has to be self motivated to excel. No external force can make the candidate to outperform his competitors.
    It is the self motivation which works. Many students who spend a huge amount of money in buying DVDs/Online courses and in paying the fee of expensive coaching institutes are not able to succeed in the absence of self motivation.
    However, it is also true that luck plays its role as the candidate has to keep fit throughout the duration of the preparation and examination.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is indeed true that enthusiasm and determination are crucial for one's success. Let us take a successful movie star, singer or a sports personality for example, achieving stardom is not an easy thing, while others sleep peacefully at night, they spend several sleepless nights, rehearsing, practising, learning the fine notches of their trade, mastering their every move and fine tuning their talents into perfection. They might skip their meals, stay away from their kith and kin, miss their family and friends and spend hours and hours in solitude, with only one goal, that is to achieved success in their field and reach to the top. All these sacrifices may make them stressed out and they may even loose interest in what they are doing, if are not enthusiastic about it in the first place. Loss of interest will eventually lead to their failure too.
    I believe that apart from enthusiasm and determination, luck is also a much needed ingredient for success. While traveling in trains or buses or while attending some music events, we come across some people who sing so well that, in fact they might be better talented than a popular singer in the country, they may show enthusiasm and dedication to their profession and may be happy with the lives they live, yet they remain poor, may undergo various struggles and lead a normal life devoid of any stardom or success while they truly deserve it. Perhaps they weren't so lucky.

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    Enthusiasm will lead to enriching knowledge and putting up hard work which is also essential for success.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    A person who believe in self can get success every time , opportunities are only medium of success. We have lots of example where person get success without any opportunity
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Perhaps only enthusiasm of the author is making him contribute so much on ISC on regular basis.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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