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    Defence Minister says that army has to use gun to fight insurgency

    Mr. Manohan Parrikar, the Defence Minister, has made a very strong statement. He has said that if the civil administration decides to use the army for protection and killing an insurgency network, the army should be allowed to control it by "firing straight". He has further stated: "I don't want to train the army to use lathis,"

    I fully support Hon'ble Home Minister. The army must fight insurgency with guns and not with lathis. The extremely violent insurgents must be dealt with violently. Peace is not meant for them.

    What is the opinion of other Members on this issue?
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    We all know that this NDA government is fully committed to defense preparedness in providing total security to our country and in that regard they are free to use any weapons to tame the insurgency. In fact our Army motto is "Bash on regardless" and that clearly implies that the soldier in the front-line confronting the enemy at first sight , need not wait for the orders from the top. If orders were to be followed in that case the whole system of having security is lost. Within fraction of seconds the firing must be done , otherwise the opposite side thinks that we are not prepared and they may embark on bigger assault. So Army must be brave and alert.
    K Mohan
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    In my opinion, the army must deal with the violent situations in a violent way. Ten people with lathis are not even nearly powerful as a single person with a gun. So if we are being attacked by guns, we should counter attack with guns only.

    Let us continue learning.

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