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    Online Shopping - Don't ever trust Naaptol

    Going for online shopping? We have people who have had bad experiences with Naaptol. Was it a singular experience? Follow this thread to know more.

    Long back I had purchased a portable instant water heater geyser. The advertisement was so attractive and was proclaimed that it can be used any where at any time and that no plumber was required for installation. As my husband is in transferable job I thought it might be helpful when we get transferred to another place. I ordered and got it. I was very excited to use it. First time when when we connected it the supply to our entire house was tripped due to high current and when ever I connected it at AEH connection point the same problem occurred. They had even claimed money back guarantee. But when I called the customer care they refused to either exchange or to return the money as well . When I continued to argue with them they asked me to call the next day. Till today they have not responded to my calls. It is total waste. I even don't want to put in OLX also because I am not satisfied with that product also. It's just a scrap.
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    I have not experienced with online shopping. There could be some genuine sellers and there could be frauds also. We cannot trust this present world and its people, especially the traders whose intention is only to make money by selling cheap and duplicate products.

    A good old Tamil song goes like this:
    Kurukku vazhiyinil vazhvu thedidum Kuruttu vulagamadaa....
    Ithu kollai adippathil vallamai kaattum thiruttu vulagamadaa...
    Thambi therinthu nadanthu kollada , Ethaiyum purithu arinthu kollada......

    Meaning - " It is a blind world where people try live through crooked means. It is the thieves world who are expert in looting others. Brother, please understand and act. Be careful in your life."

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I didn't get anything from Naaptol till now and I don't plan on getting anything either. Some years back, my grand parents brought a mini sewing machine from Naaptol. The delivery boy took the money, got a signature and left. After opening the pack, it is known that the item delivered is a broken one. They tried to call him and the customer care multiple times but there is no reply. Even if the product is a working one, it will be of cheap quality. So, I too agree with the author that we shold not trust Naaptol.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I totally don't trust Naaptol just looking at their Ad. I get so irritated that I don't feel like ordering anything and looking at it anyone can be sure that Naaptol is very fake just to make money. Don't leave those fraud's and don't give up till you get the money. Don't let them loot you. Try all possible ways to get your issue fixed.

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    The electrical gadgets like a geyser should never be bought through any online portal. It is always advisable to visit the showroom of the local reputed dealer. In case it is possible to take a decision about the brand through research on the internet or through discussions within the social circle, then it is better to visit the showroom of the company authorised dealer of that brand only. Such dealers assist in the installation of the products also and provide after sales service through the company's authorised service centres.
    Water geysers require utmost care while purchasing and only products bearing BIS marks of the highly reputed companies should be purchased. Comparatively, cheaper cost of the product through online mode should never be made the criteria for purchasing such products.
    Irrespective of the response and behaviour of the company cited by the author, I personally feel that it was an error of judgement on the part of the author to buy a geyser like product from an online portal. I don't think anything much can be done in such cases as the product has already been used and it will now be difficult to establish that the product was defective at the time of delivery.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think that the only mistake the author made was she bought the product from a wrong online portal. Naaptol does not figure even in the top-10 sites of India. Had she purchased the product from the reputed portals, she could have claimed a refund very easily within the easy-returns period.

    I don't agree with the viewpoint of those who say that electrical gadgets should not be purchased online. These days everything from a needle to furniture to a house can be bought online. My strategy is to go to a showroom, select the product, ask for its best price in the showroom then check out its prices online. Buy it from the place where I get the best price; be it the showroom or be it the online portals. My experience says that we get better prices at the online portals than we get at the brick and mortar showrooms. The service and guarantee is the same in both the cases if one buys a branded product. The return or exchange is easier at the online portal if bought from a reputed ecommerce site. The biggest electrical gadget that I have bought till date is an AC. An AC is in any case bigger than a portal geyser, if I am not mistaken. It is working fine without any problem whatsoever.

    I would request those who have not bought anything till date from ecommerce sites to buy from the reputed sites without any hesitation. The only thing to take care of is to compare the prices of the same product at various sites & buy branded products.

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    I agree with Gypsy on the matter that not all sites are bad.
    In the present case, the thread starts "Long back I had purchased...". So the author is narrating an incident that happened long back. Probably the site would have improved also after that.
    I had purchased 'table top grinder', induction cooker, mobile phones and many more items online. My experience is good and satisfactory. I had a bad experience just in one case of purchase of a cloth. I stopped dealing with them from then. However the amount involved was very small.

    It may be helpful reading the linked Article1 and Article 2in this connection.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    A bit off-topic, but a relevant information:-

    A request to Venkiteswaran - it was nice of you to give links to two related articles. My viewpoint is that it would 've been nicer if you had put the title of the articles in place of 'article 1' & 'article 2' as both the titles 've good keywords such as online shopping, ecommerce & Paytm. Those keywords might 've attracted visitors to ISC.

    The best would 've been if you had used the titles of those articles in your sentences and would 've given links there only. That is the funda of keywords. Hope you would not mind the suggestion & would take it in a positive way.

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    I just cannot understand the craze for the people to just see the image of a product and then decide to buy as if all things are known of the product. Doing virtual shopping is better so that we can feel and buy with satisfaction.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It is not "the craze". It is a sensible thing to buy products online for the following reasons

    a) Most of the times, the products are cheaper online because the online sellers do not 've to bear heavy recurring expenses in maintaining their showrooms.
    b) One can order the product online in the middle of the night also from the convenience of one's home. It is most suitable for the persons or couples who get back to their homes in the late hours & don't have the time or energy to go for shopping after that.
    c) The product gets delivered at your doorsteps and you don't have to go from one shop to another looking for it

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