Friendship Day Greeting Card from a Farmer

Friends, this is a story of a friendship day card that stirred me up. I hope this story will have the same effects on you all as well and will lead into some fruitful effort.

Recently, I and my best friend geeta were planning for friendship day celebrations at her house, when her father joined us. Geeta asked him to share his friendship card story with me. He left room and returned back with a postal envelop in his hand. He gave it to me and asked me to read it.

Envelop was old looking dated around in year 2001, addressed to geeta's father with postal address of Dadar, Mumbai. I opened it and found a card paper with a hand drawn picture of two young boys sitting under a tree. The card was titled ''Happy Friendship Day'' with a message scribed on it. The picture seemed to be made by a child, it confused me but geeta mimed me to read aloud.

"Friend, I cherish every moment of our friendship, like those of sitting under the mango tree, seeing the setting sun and the endless talks. Life parted our ways away, time has flown but you are always in my memories. Have you forgotten me or do you choose to forget your farmer friend like the rest of the world? You have stopped coming to village and haven't answered my letters since ages. I am not complaining, but I need you. Life is suffocating under piling debts and has thrown me into despair. You are my last hope. Please help!"

"This card was made by naresh and his son for his school project. He later posted it to me. But I am could not help my best friend in his time of need" Geeta's father said with moistened eyes. "My father was a cotton farmer and farming was our livelihood. After completing tenth I came to Mumbai to settle for work and never went back again. Life took over and I got busy with myself, I got selfish probably. I stopped writing to naresh. Later, in Mumbai I relocated from my aunt's place in Dadar." Geeta's father paused and again continued "Naresh continued to write to me on my old address. We did not have phones that time. I should have informed him about address change."

Geeta said "Dad came to know about the letters and card and received them when he had gone to his aunt's place later in the year 2005. He visited his native in vidharba to find uncle naresh, but could not find him. He had commited suicide! Dad found his family and supported them, his son's education. Today they are doing well." Uncle interrupted saying "But naresh lost his life because I choose to forget my farmer friend."

But the reality is that the farmers are losing their life because we choose to forget them. Let's make them our best friend and nurture a farmer friend.