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    Finally, the Friendship Day greeting card got delivered to its intended recipient

    [This entry wins the 3rd prize for the friendship day creative writing contest]

    Friends, today I am going to share a story with you about the friendship day greeting card. It was a week before the friendship day that the teacher of the class asked the students to make a friendship day greeting card and send it to their best pal through postal mail.

    Picklu, one of the students of the class started to make a friendship greeting card for his dear friend. He had almost finished making the friendship card, put it in an envelope, wrote the address of his friend's house on it and then ran away to play with his neighborhood friends.

    His room was in total mess with books and papers thrown here and there. The crayons and sketch pens lying idle with the caps missing from them. The housemaid started to clean the room, piled the books properly and placed the caps of the sketch pens. She then picked up the idle papers, along with the precious greeting card and put it in the dustbin. The dustbin along with the household garbage was then thrown outside the house.

    Picklu now entered the house with the same zeal as he left the house before playing. With a peculiar expression on his face, he started to search for the greeting card he made. He searched every nook and corner of the room, but couldn't get a trace of it.

    Picklu to maid: Have you seen anywhere the greeting card which I placed it here (showing the place where he last left the card).

    Maid: Oh! I just threw it in the garbage bin outside the house.

    Picklu ran in haste just in case he finds the greeting card he made with much effort. But, the garbage has already been picked up by the truck to throw in the outskirts of the town. Picklu returned to his house with a sad and annoying look on his face.

    The next day, a boy little elder to him was going to school. He saw an envelope lying in the filth. It didn't take a minute for him to understand that it was a friendship day greeting card. But, why in this condition? Though, he picked it up and then post the card in the letter-box.

    Within a few days, before the onset of friendship day, the greeting card got delivered to the intended recipient. His friend felt very happy and excited to get the greeting card from his dear friend, Picklu.

    His friend thanked Picklu for sending such a beautiful friendship gay greeting card and appreciated his effort. Picklu looked clueless as to how the card got delivered to his friend, but at last, he breathed a sigh of relief that by God's grace somehow the greeting card got delivered to his friend.

    This is an entry to the Me, friend to friend Friendship Day Greeting Cards - creative writing contest
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    Wow what a topic wrote by the author and It really brought laughter in my face. Whom should we blame ? the sender or the recipient who never received it ? Or the post man who failed to deliver intentionally ?
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    A good story which has been written in a funny way. To me it is little bit satirical to show the condition of pathetic delivery system of Department of Post in India, although the position has vastly improved during the last ten years or so.
    Overall, a good effort!

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