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    A Typical Friendship Day Greeting Card to our CM

    "Friend, Our CM is my father's friend, hence CM is our family friend." a lady Tamizhmozhi told Sridevi. "Is it?" wondered Sridevi, and asked her how CM was her father's friend. Tamizhmozhi said," My father Mr. Tamizharasu was CM's classmate. They studied together in standard VIII. I have a photograph in which my father and CM are standing adjacent to each other." Sridevi asked," Do you know our CM?" She said," Sorry, My father never had a chance to take me to our CM. Now my father is bedridden. My father is a different man . He wants to live with self-esteem. Also, our CM might not recognize my father now ." Sridevi said," Don't worry. I will try to bring our CM home." Sridevi went to Tamizhmozhi's father and said," You and the CM are good friends. Why not you send a greeting card on the friendship day?". Mr. Tamizharasu said," I am not in a position to send any greetings to our CM. You may send it in my name." Sridevi asked Tamizharasu whether he had shared any important moment with the CM during the school days. Mr. Tamizh Arasu said," Yes. Once we both acted in a drama in which our CM played the role of Rama and I played the role of Hanuman.Our CM is an excellent actor." Sridevi noted this and said," I am sure, I can get our CM here."

    Sridevi and Tamizhmozhi went to a photo studio; scanned the photo of CM and Tamizharasu; and took a copy of it. They bought a photo from a photo frame shop in which Lord Sri Ram and Hanuman were present . They combined it and designed a beautiful greeting card. On one side they attached the photo of Sri Ram and Hanuman, and on the other side, they attached the childhood photograph of CM and Tamizharasu. In between they wrote –

    Dear Friend
    Can you IDENTIFY your HANUMAN?
    From Tamizharasu

    They posted this greeting card to CM's official mail address. The CM's secretariat received this greeting card. The card looked funny to them. Though CM did not like to see any greeting card due to austerity, the secretary made up his mind to show this greeting card to CM. He told CM about the greeting card and got his approval to put it up to him.

    When the CM had a look at the greeting card, the CM was confused for a while, and later recollected his Rama's role and recognized his friend Tamizharasu who played the role of Hanuman. He was happy to see the childhood photograph. Immediately he directed his secretary to make necessary arrangement to visit Tamizharasu's home.

    The CM was pleased to meet his childhood friend Tamizharasu. After a good chat with Tamizh Arasu, Tamizhmozhi and Sridevi, the CM said,"Tamil, Don't worry. I will ensure that our Tamizhmozhi will be our future CM and Sridevi her deputy, my dear friend."

    # This is my entry for the contest 'Me…..friend to friend friendship day greeting card.
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    An excellent story which deals with the present trend in Tamil Nadu politics where the film-stars join politics and become Chief Ministers and important party functionaries. I thoroughly enjoyed the story.
    However, my only doubt is whether it is within the word-limit or not. In my opinion, it deals with friendship with a totally different perspective and deserves an award.

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    For the first time I am coming across a friendship greetings directed to CM and that is quite interesting. Nothing wrong in it. CM is the first citizen of the state and every citizen can call or meet with him or her for just conveying wishes.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    #573982: I humbly beg to submit that the Governor (not the Chief Minister) is the (so-called) First Citizen of the State, although he is the titular head of the State with very limited power.
    Moreover, the concept of citizen comes in case of country only.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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