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    Do you read all the entries submitted by the members for any competition or just one or two?

    Whenever any conpettion or new event similar to ongoing compettion regarding frendship day card and for TOW sideffect is started on which a thread is to be posted.
    Members submit their entries with lots of creative and innovative idea though every entry is considerd by editors, but what about all the other members?
    do they read these entrie?
    Since only some of entries gets responses and also in situations when its first entry for thr compettition then also it gets responses, but not every entry get such responses since not everyone reads those entries.

    What's your method to choose an entry to give response?
    Do you read all the entries?
    Or you just give response to gain more points.
    What do you think wether members should read all the entries or not, should their be any compulsion?
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    I read all the threads completely; however commenting or not is the second part. It depends upon my mood, timing, significance and many more things. If I participate in any competition I go through with other authors at first; how they wrote, what's their theme and plot, etc., then I put my competition entry there. In my opinion, if you're participating in any competition, then must read all the entries, look after the language skill, grammar, theme, possibilities of wining/loosing, creativity chic, etc. and comment from your heart – good or bad. At least the author should know s/he is good or bad or average in writing, so that s/he could try more in next. Learning and sharing are two sides of a coin; one must turn the coin frequently. It has double benefit.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    It is 'competition' not 'compettion' as mentioned in the title.
    There was a long discussion last year in the forum section about the members who post congratulatory messages to the winners, though they don't read their winning competition entries. It was concluded that for congratulating a fellow member on the occasion of his/her winning, reading the winning entry is not important.
    Thus we can see that generally more members don't read all the entries submitted in a contest. However, many members read the entries for various reasons like -
    1. Regular members treat the entries also as any other thread and read the same for posting a response as in the case of a normal thread.
    2. Newbies read all entries for submitting something different and unique as an intended winning entry.
    3. The contest editors read all entries to evaluate the same.
    I don't think all contest entries are read by all members.
    Many members take no particular interest in participating in contests.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I always ensure to read all the posts to contest threads. The deserving thread will have my response without fail. When you don't find my response to a contest thread, you can assure that I have read the thread but don't appreciate that post as it has not impressed me. I never failed to appreciate and comment a post to a contest thread that impressed me.
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    By responding to each post it is expressly understood from my side that even every competition entry posts are also read and commented by me. There cannot be any thread missing my attention in this site.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    When a contest is announced, I wait for sometime so that some members will participate. From the contest thread, I visit every entry and respond if I want to. After doing this, I try to guess who will win the first prize and who will win the special prizes. I don't participate in contests i.e the creative writing ones as its not my piece of cake. But, I read every entry and respond if I want to. I am reading not only the contest entries but every single thread from about a month. Sometimes, reading all the contest entries motivates me to participate in that contest.

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