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    How TV child artists manage their education? Is there any risk & barrier to study?

    One of my friends' daughter is acting in several ads since at the age of 3 year. Now she is about 10 years, good in study and has great talent and intellect. Recently she got an opportunity to work for a TV serial in child lead role. Her mother asked me and need suggestions regarding her education. My friend wants to make her child a good actor; however mother doesn't. They're unaware of shooting schedules and don't want to lose her classes. As, she is good in studies and topper in class her parents don't want to take any risk and barriers in study. This is the matter. Give me some suggestions how a TV child artist manage their education and is there any risk for a genius child to do both study and TV jobs?
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    A celebrity need not be an academic topper also. The two streams are different. One will have to take a decision as to which stream to be followed. It will depend on the individuals concerned. As far as continuing education is concerned, one need not be regular in classes like a conventional school student. There are distance learning modes and even open schools besides provision for appearing in the board examinations as a private student.
    Incidentally, some of the highly educated Indian film stars are as follows -
    1. Parineeti Chopra - Honors degree in business, finance and economics of Manchester Business School, UK.
    2. Preity Zinta - Bachelor's degree in English from St. Bede's College, Shimla and a Master's degree in criminal psychology.
    3. Sonu Sood - B.E. from Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur.
    4. Soha Ali Khan - Master's degree in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science.
    I remember, in some of the reality shows certain participants withdrew at the eleventh hour in favor of completing their academics.
    I think through private tutoring, the prodigy artists can continue studies.

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    If a child is recognized as the prodigy by the society and being telecast in National television, instantly he or she gets the stardom attention and the school or the college in which the child is studying would be using that opportunity for their publicity and thus education would take back seat and the management would oblige with special marks even without attending exams. There are some International schools who have on camera studies and thus the prodigy would be allowed to attend class and also write exams without mingling with other students. So studies wont be a problem for a child artiste. Only thing the child thus gets name would discard the studies on his own. What I feel that parents should not ask the child to neglect the studies at any cost. The extra activities is ok as per the wish of the child, but to be in the race with others, education is also important.
    K Mohan
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    Thank you Kailashji for immediate response to my thread! I want to know about the child artists who regularly attend studios for shooting as they've minimum five days telecast in TV. How they can manage their studies. What're the possibilities, please share with us.
    Naresh Kumar
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    If a child is allowed to take parts in TV serials because of their potentials, these children would definitely in that direction but at the cost of ruining their passion for education. Career path of a child artist in TV is short lived and very few of these artists can make inroads in the TV and Film - industries in the years ahead. So, it would be best on the parts of both the children and their guardians to encourage their wards to concentrate on their ongoing studies. Once they complete their education as per their wish, they may choose this avocation. Any diversion in the studies in the adolescent age may spoil a child to an irreversible state. Hence a prudent step is required to be taken by the sensible guardians.

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    I think it is better to choose only one among the acting and studying. The girl's age is 10 years i.e. she may be studying sixth standard. A topper in sixth standard need not be a genius and the topper status may not continue in future. Note that I don't intend to offend her. Her parents should find what she is interested in and what what she can do better. Then, she must be suggested to take either acting career or studying career. The celebrities mentioned by Mr. Kailash Kumar completed their degree but didn't do it while in film industry. Some most talented persons in film industry are:
    1) Quentin Tarantino - 160 IQ
    2) Sharon Stone - 154 IQ
    3) Steve Martin - 142 IQ
    4) Natalie Portman - 140 IQ
    5) Arnold Schwarzenegger - 135 IQ
    Note that Quentin Tarantino has an IQ equal to that of the great Stephen Hawking. All these people completed their degrees but not when they are in film industry. So, it is better to take either acting or studying but not both so that the girl will become a genius in one field rather than becoming normal in both fields.

    Let us continue learning.

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