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    In spite of enemy's strength if you still seek his help for the reasons beyond your control ?

    The importance of performing Shraadh and that too be with known priest is always heard and done. But in the ongoing Siya ke Ram serial, Ram insists Hanuman to seek the support of Raavan to perform the Shraadh ceremony of his father because Raavan was known as the Brahm Gyani. The way Hanuman convinced Raavan, has baffled every one at his palace and also the viewers. Eventually with his ulterior motives Raavan comes and helps to perform the Shraadh. But he played the trick of asking Sita as the guru dakshina to which Ram refuses and gives the Pot full of holy water. That was the big insult felt by Raavan and he further intensifies his hatred against Ram. What you understood from this episode ?
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    I happen to watch this episode yesterday. Generally, in the standard versions of Ramayana, known to most of the people, this incidence is not described. However, since there are many versions of Ramayana, in many languages of India, it is possible that in the certain version, this story is included.
    The story basically conveys the moral about the importance and significance of the knowledge, though a doubt arises as to how Ravana can be accepted as a truly learned person when he asked the wife of his client as Dakshina at the end.
    Regarding knowledge of Ravana, the other story is more popular when the Lakshamana was asked by the Ram to go to Ravana while he was dying, to learn something from him.
    When Lakshmana went to him, Ravana said that if you have come to me as a student then you must sit at my feet because teachers must be respected and you want to learn lessons. Lakshmana had stood near his feet.
    Ravana told Lakshmana that the most important lesson of life is that one must defer the bad action as much possible and good action should be taken at the earliest possible.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Some months ago, when my classmates and I are in my class, our dean came and told us some moral stories. A different version of this story is one of them. "Rama went to learn something from Ravana (after Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and the rivalry between Rama and Ravana started). But, Ravana accepted Rama as a student and taught him. After the completion of teaching, Ravana even blessed Rama to win, as done by every teacher. This is the characteristic of a teacher." is what he said. There are many versions of Ramayana available and this may be in some of them. I believe that its a fake. Because, a person who kidnapped another person's wife won't teach that woman's husband and help him to win. Instead, he will kill the husband when he had the chance.

    Let us continue learning.

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