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    'pending' in status and recovery from this

    I found in my AdSense account with 'Pending' Status. What is the meaning for that and may I know what for it kept pending. Also please let me know how to recover from such status.Thanks.
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    Your message is not clear. Till now whether the adsense was active and now it has been changed to pending status or it is pending from beginning ?. Please clarify the matter for us to respond.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    From the beginning, I think as today only I have seen that portion as do not knew earlier about this.

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    I checked and the message which appears on the screen stated that default AdSense Ads in your content pages are being used either because you did not complete the AdSense application process or Google did not accept your application. It also clearly states that if you did complete the AdSense application process & the error was not resolved, you need to contact the Webmasters. Accordingly, please send a message to them using the Contact Us page

    Managing Editor,

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    Well, Google approved and fully activated my Ad Sense account about a month back. But, I too have a problem. My 'Manage Ad Sense' page is showing that Google Status is Approved but India Study Channel Status is Pending. Is it the same problem you are facing Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman?
    As you are saying that you didn't observe the page till now, I presume you didn't apply for an Ad Sense account till now. After you apply, Google approves/rejects your application. If rejected, you should apply with a different email id after sometime. Otherwise, our situations are one and the same.

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