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    Best wedding gift ideas

    Planning to buy a wedding gift? Check out the unique gift ideas suggested by our forum members.

    Gifts are a token of love, care and affection. Whenever my friends or relatives invite me for their wedding, my mind will automatically start to think about the gifts which I need to give them on their wedding. Even after a long search I usually end up in giving any one of the following gifts to the newly married couple

    1. Gold ornaments
    2. Cash
    3. Clock or couple watches
    4. Home appliances and Cookware sets
    5. Any gift articles

    Other than these common gifts what else can be given as a gift to the newly married couples on their wedding?

    Share your ideas.
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    What we present as a gift should be an everlasting item that can be preserved and remembered forever, though it may be a cheap item. I don't support any of your gift items mentioned by you. I look at these things as an ordinary person in the society, not as a rich or extra rich who will never value our gifts.

    1. Gold won't remain as gold. It is likely to have a change in shape and style as the fashion changes. At times, it might get converted into cash due to some need.
    2. Cash - unfit as a gift.
    3. Clock or watches - Electronic clocks would be useless after few years.
    4. Home appliances and cookwares - Would be thrown after its maximum use.
    5. Any gifts articles - We should choose the best.

    I always ensure to present 4 in number solid steel plates and 4 tumblers to the newly married couple. ( I won't prefer a dinner set) Two for the couple and two for their would be children.

    Why I do this: My good friend presented me a simple steel dining plate as a gift to me at the time of my marriage. I am still dining in the same plate even after many decades of my marriage. I am sure, I will continue to use the same plate until my death, and it will remain as a valid possession at my home even after my death.

    Always choose a gift that will be useful forever and long remembered by the receiver of the gift until death.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    As said by Sun gold, cash, clock, etc. are temporarily useful. However, if you're going to attend a close friend/relative then the gift should be a permanent or long lasting one. In my town at Odisha, people used to give some money in covers and some directly; they also note down the amount in a diary for their information and record keeping. The whole amount collected during reception or function can be utilised for any part of expenses in their marriage. No doubt, the money is indiscernible but it values more than gifts; as it is very helpful for their expenditure.
    Nowadays, it became a fashion to order customised gifts online. Sarees, dress materials, wrist watches, paintings, wall hangings, etc. are too gifts that can be given in weddings.

    Naresh Kumar
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    If I have to give a gift to a newly wed couple, I will give it according to the likes and dislikes of the couple. Some women like gold very much. There is nothing wrong in gifting a gold ornament to them. Watches or clocks can be gifted based on a person's likes in watches or clocks. Home appliances, cookware items, gift articles are not proper either. Its because they will be of not much use. I remember an advertisement in which a person sends a gift article to a newly wed couple. The gift is sent by them to another newly weds and this procedure continues until one day, when the person who initiated this process receives that gift. It is better to give the couple anything which makes them happy so that they remember it forever.

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    It all depends on the nature of the relationship and accordingly on the budget. In the case of very close relative like a niece or nephew, the budget will be different and in the case of a neighbor or an acquaintance, the budget is likely to be far less. The item of the gift to be selected depends up to a large extent on the budget. A gold item cannot be bought on a formal or token budget. In case the budget is up to Rs. 501 only, then either giving cash in an envelope or buying some clock etc. may be suitable. It may, however, be noted that such items in the budget range of Rs. 501 to 1100 are gifted by many individuals. Therefore there will always be a possibility of duplication. In such small budget cases, it is better to give cash only. In case the budget is in the range of upward of Rs. 10,000, then even a small piece of a diamond jewelry can also be selected. It is better to consult the individual concerned, is possible and only then select an item of his/her choice which may be an electronic gadget like a television set or even a smart phone.
    In case of a very close relatives, when the budget is upward of Rs. 50,000, then generally people buy gold jwelery and clothes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well presenting with wedding gift is the purely personal decision which is based on the close relations between the wedding person and the gift presenter. But what I want to tell here that instead of following others in this regard, do some thing unusual and that should be remembered a lot. In fact my idea is to present them with so many saplings of flowers and fruits , so that they would be nurturing the same and also they would get the feeling of having a child soon. Because those would have the interest to nurture a plant, surely they will inculcate the urge and need to have a child for themselves and they won t postpone that issue. So give them good selected aromatic plants , fruit bearing saplings and that would be befitting wedding gift.
    K Mohan
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    I don't support your gift at all. You are burdening the couple with a plant to nurture. A plant is like a baby to nurture and grow. If the presented plant/sapling is not planted and nurtured properly, the plant might die. Just tell me, what would the couples to after their wedding day? Will they plan a place to go for their honeymoon trip or they will try to find a place to plant your sapling in their spaceless apartment? Please think twice before presenting such unfit gifts to the joyful couple who wants to enjoy their life for few days after their wedding.

    'Not a worthy gift to present to the newly wedded"

    No life without Sun ¤

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    A gift should always make the receiver happy and should not be just an obligation. So, putting some thought, effort and time into buying a gift is essential.

    If it is a wedding in the family it is best to ask the person getting married what they want and gift them something of their choice. It could be flight-tickets for the couple to their honeymoon destination or an appliance or paying for the wedding dress or anything else that fits your budget. If the gift is beyond ones budget then the same can be made into a joint gift, by asking other relatives to join in.

    The same rule must apply if it's a friend's wedding. Getting them something they really want makes more sense than giving them something that you think they will like.

    Getting invited to weddings where you barely know the people getting married is common in India. Here too, the gift should be befitting the occasion. You must keep in mind that people invited you out of respect (whether it is a neighbor, a colleague or your staff inviting you). The gift must be appropriate for the occasion.

    The following make good wedding gifts:

    1. Bedding set
    2. Dinner set
    3. Branded cookware – enamel coated, stone quartz coated, pressure cooker/pan
    4. Kitchen appliances – coffee maker, rice cooker, juicer, electric kettle
    5. Food storage sets for the kitchen
    6. Cutlery set
    7. Dining-table accessories
    8. A set of serving bowls, snack bowls, soup bowls etcetera
    9. Indoor fountains
    10. Crystal wine glasses
    11. Crystal whiskey glasses
    12. Beer mugs

    Even small things can come in useful for someone setting a new home. So, if your budget is small you can also consider inexpensive, but useful presents:

    1. Coaster or trivet sets
    2. Table runners
    3. Placemats
    4. Tissue paper/napkin holder
    5. Set of cushion covers
    6. Spiritual items – like a statute or puja set
    7. Scented candles
    8. Bathroom accessories

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    All Indians getting married are not rich enough to have the ultra modern gifts that are available in the fancy shops and gift centres that can occupy the kitchen cupboards and decorate the drawing room show cases of the rich. There are middle and poor class people who get married and receive their wedding gifts. They should be gifted with befitting useful gift items.

    So, when we choose the wedding gifts, we should first look at the family, and then decide the type of gift we should present. The gift we present should be unbreakable and usable, and should be everlasting and long remembered. Above all, the gift should fit into that family. No use of presenting a large dining-table when the newly wed has no space to place the dining table.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    In developed countries like US, a system has evolved wherein the would be couple create a wedding website which contains all relevant information and also a 'wedding registry' which makes it easier for the guests to pick out something from the list. According to traditional etiquette, gifts of any kind should never be expected. Therefore in all civil societies, it is considered uncouth to include any mention of gifts in the wedding invitation.
    In a 'wedding registry' , a lot of choices are given to the guests in different price ranges. Generally, in US, gifts are truly considered a gesture of love and affection and therefore only a token amount in the range of $50 to $200 is considered sufficient. The price of the gift is never linked to the status of the individual or the depth of their relationship. Though traditionally cash as a gift in not considered a good etiquette but nowadays it has become common to have cash registries also.
    Even while buying a gift item in reputed shopping malls, on requesting them, a note is issued in such a manner that the recipients can later exchange the gift at the same store.
    I think in India also seeds of such systems have already been sowed which will make choosing the gifting ideas much convenient in future.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I like a custom practiced abroad, where the couple getting married creates a wedding gift list of items they need. The same is circulated among the invitees with the name of the stores where the gifts can be ordered. A similar list is left at the store as well. The list usually contains items of varying prices – from inexpensive to costly stuff. Invitees just select the item they wish to present, pay for it and the same is struck off the list and delivered to the mailing address, as requested by the couple. This ensures that the couple does not end up with things they do not want – like clocks and photo frames and iron boxes and lemonade sets etcetera.

    These days the same list is published online, with purchases also made online. It is a novel idea that has been around for decades. Unlike India, where we tend to invite everybody we know, weddings abroad are family affairs where only family and friends are invited.

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