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    How people quell the 'heat' caused by chili peppers in the mouth?

    In India, most households keep a stack of fresh hot green chilies in refrigerator beside maintaining a stock of dry chilies, both in ground form and often in its whole form.
    Chilies are an important ingredient of spices used for making curries as well as dry vegetable dishes.
    However, often on ingesting hot dishes, we encounter the issue of quelling the 'heat' generated by the chili pepper. The first reaction usually is to try water as usual in firefighting operations.
    Many, including diabetics, avail this opportunity to eat something sweet readily available at home.
    However, the million dollar question is, do such measures really quell the 'heat'.
    How people quell the 'heat' caused by chili peppers in the mouth?
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    Once I saw a program on discovery channel called "you have been warned" where few experts analyse videos over youtube and answers question about those amazing videos.
    In one such video a man was shown tasting the chilly which are at the top and known for creating sensation to tongue and human body which no other can chilly .
    And in the video just one bite made that person's situation worst and he began to run here and there like a mad person the experts told all the science behind the chilly and then they told the remedi to quench that sensation.
    The best ways they told are after eating chilly is to eat the buns or chapati or milk to reduce such sensation, people often drink water or have sweetners to reduce the sensation but they are not as effective as a simple chapati or bun are.

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    Generally, people drink water and lots of it after eating a very spicy food. But, that doesn't work in giving a relief from the irritation on our tongue. The irritation we get on our tongue if we eat spicy foods is due to the compound capsaicin. And, capsaicin cannot be neutralized with water. So, we should drink milk or eat a bread slice to reduce that irritation. The protein casein of milk can neutralize the capsaicin of spices. Also, we can put a spoon of sugar on our tongue to get a relief. It is better not to eat too spicy foods as it may result in many problems.

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    Normally small children would get rid of heat which caused by tasting chili powder is to have sugar immediately so that further cause of heat over chili effect is reduced.
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    Incidentally, India is the world's biggest producer, consumer and exporter of chili peppers with Andhra Pradesh alone contributing up to 75% in chili exports. I request the ISCians from Andhra Pradesh to throw more light on the subject matter.
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    We cannot/should not have chilli alone. Also, in our dishes, we should add enough coconut to reduce the chilli effect. Generally, in Karnataka, I find Sambhar with sweetness as they add sugar in their dishes. Karnataka Sambhar is like chilli mixed paayasam. Whereas in Andhra Pradesh, the chilli effect is too much as they don't use coconut much. In Tamilnadu Chilli effect is medium with equal use of chilli and coconut. . In Kerala, there is no chilli effect as they use minimum chilli and maximum cocount.

    To overcome Chilli effect, just take a spoon of pure honey and apply it on your tongue and rest.

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