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    Do you think punishment is the best way to correct a child?

    Children committing mistakes is a common thing. One has to explain them about their mistakes in a soft manner and has to rectify them. But both parents and teachers are not doing so, instead they give punishments to the children. Many parents and teachers are in the mindset that children will rectify their mistakes after getting a harsh punishment. Some children will realize their mistakes after getting a punishment and will not do the same mistake again but many children will not realize their mistakes after a punishment and they will repeat the same mistakes again and again. After getting a series of punishments, a child will get used to the punishments and will not bother much about the punishments.

    What is your opinion on punishing a child? Will children realize their mistakes and rectifies them after getting strict punishments ?
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    First thing is parents need is to make a child understand the clear difference between wrong and right and if a child commits a mistake they should make him/her realise and understand his/her mistake with love and care.
    But in some cases the parents need to show the strict nature where such treatment of love and care doesn't have any affect on child and he/she begans to take things forgranted in such situation a child should be given punishment for mistakes otherwise he will not realise his/her mistake.
    But this punishment not neccesarily need to be in terms of slaps or banning things for child it should not be like dictator treating the public.
    Instead punishment should be given such a way that it would have effect on the child and realisation of his/her mistake.
    But I don't consider it right to reject the whole idea of punishment.
    The whole thing revolves around the realisation of mistake and if that happens without any punishment then no punishment is also good.
    The requirement of punishment solely depends upon the bond between child and parent.

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    As said by the author, many children get acquainted with punishment. They don't care whether their teachers punish or parents beat harshly. They turn moody and do more mistakes; also became very casual in every aspect.
    Punishment is not a fully and exact way to correct a child. There are many ways that depends upon situation, characters of child, logics, child's mindset, etc. Teachers no doubt will not understand about the teachers; but parents should understand if their child does mistakes regularly every day. They must realise and got to know why their child does such nuisance and not apprehension about punishments. They should try to know, to whom their child listens more. Then, try to convince their child by using their friends & other relatives to whom s/he listen.

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    There has to be a holistic approach in developing a child as a good human being. The process starts immediately after the birth of the child and the onus remains on the parents. The role of teachers starts much later. Moreover, after getting the child admitted in the school, the role and responsibility of the parent don't end with that. They have to continue as the 'primary' teachers, relegating only the role of a 'secondary' teacher to the school teacher. In such a scenario it is quite unlikely that an occasion of administering corporal punishment to the child will arise in future.
    It is very important for the parents to not to pamper children excessively so as make them stubborn leading to situations like correcting them by administering punishment. Generally, a mild rebuke or reprimand should be enough to yield positive desired results.

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    There is an age to give punishment to a child. That too the nature of mistake should be considered. We ourselves keep all fragile items in the reachable area and if the child breaks them we are ready to punish them instead of punishing ourselves. We should, as a parent or elderly person of the family, understand the situation and analyses the cause and action of the mistake done by the child.As the children are tender in their mind, they do not know what is wrong, what is right. In many houses the fathers are leaving the shaving brush and blade in the place where they did shaving and beat the child if see that they taken them and played. In many schools also the children do not know what is homework and what are the consequences if homework has not been done, what are the benefit of studying in home etc., A really good teacher patiently should teach the children about the homework etc., similarly a mother and father hold onus on the growth of the children instead they should not raise for punishing or scolding. In many houses fathers are raising their voice loudly towards the children and starts beating etc., I saw it leads making the child speechless and dumb soon on shock.

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    I wont agree with the notion of some people that by giving punishment to the erring child, we can tame him to the core. Instead we develop a hatred and induce stubborn character in him. Please note that children are vulnerable to change their mood at the drop of hat and in this regard the elders must divert his attention. If that is done, the child will not commit the mistake again and he will fear from being abused. One thing sure through play way we can always criticize a child but never compare him to other child. Children are ready to accept the change and we the parents must help them.
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    Being harsh on children creates a wrong feeling about everything in children. So, children must be properly told about what mistake they did and why they should not do it. If that is done by teachers and parents, the child will know what is good and what is bad, what should be done and what should not be done etc,. and behave properly. In case the child does the same mistake after proper guidance, he/she must be punished. If a child does a mistake repeatedly because he/she doesn't know the reason why he/she shouldn't do it, giving a punishment is wrong and that definitely won't make the child to stop doing mistakes. The child will do the same to his children when he/she becomes a parent and that may mess up the relations in whole family.

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    No, not at all punishment is just like throwing a child in a wrong path because if we want to solve the problem of the child then we should not use any thing which creates separation of a child from its parents. Yes, punishment makes our child far away from us and if we come to punishment as the only way to correct our child then our thinking is very low and wrong there are other ways to correct our child and which will make him understand the situation very well which punishment cannot do.
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