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    "Health Issue" is the super hit reason to get away with work.

    In our daily life or at work, we find many excuses to get away with work or if we want to take a leave or two. Or if we are delayed in our work, we sought this reason. It is very normal if we do it for one or two days but every time? I am not innocent too, I too have taken one or two leaves against this reason. The reason why I have come up with this thread that some people take this "super hit" reason as granted and have their own laugh leaving their work at other's shoulders. I call it an "emotional blackmail" because the person plays with others emotions just because of his/her self interest.

    If it become regular habit by some staff, the authority should take some strong action. I am not saying that it would always be a lame excuse but then one individual should understand their responsibilities rather than showing such excuse.

    What is your take on such people?
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    Duplicate post.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Exactly! When I was younger (I am still young at heart!), I had to go to watch movies with girl-friends, then suddenly I had to suffer from unbearable head-ache, stomach-pain. Suddenly I used to develop vomiting tendency to avail half-day leave. Even after marriage, I resorted to such techniques. The funniest part is that the leave-sanctioning authority also knew about the symptoms and he had also resorted to the same/similar technique during his youth.
    However, to my credit, I never took full-day leave faking unwellness.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    It happens in all organisations, more so in the Government organisations. There is a requirement of submitting a medical certificate in support of falling sick and again a medical fitness certificate at the time of joining. The medical certificate works, not the actual medical condition. I have witnessed many situations when the employee is alive and kicking and physically present in the office though on a medical leave.
    Taking medical leave during elections duties is dealt with strictly. Only the certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer of the district is accepted.
    Many sub-standard medical practitioners survive on the business of issuing medical certificates only.
    Since in India, there is a rule of law, the organisations go by the rule only. Criminals commit murders while admitted in the intensive care unit of a hospital.
    Regarding the attitude of such people, it is well established that only a small percentage of employees work and rest enjoy the workplace and the salary. Punishing such people is possible only when the boss also is not resorting to such tactics.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Showing unhealthy is the best option to prove against the HR or boss of your employment. At least you can produce a medical certificate or bills of your treatment to get a medical leave. Otherwise, in other cases like parental problems, spouse's medical, functions, events, parties, it is quite difficult to produce an evidence of that; in addition to get leave also. There are many rules as per employee leave provision, like maternity leave for women employees, paternity leave for men, parent's death/medical leaves, etc; all these are related to health issues that an employer gives first priority to grant a leave.
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    This is actually what happens everywhere. Starting right from the beginning, when we were in school, one of the best excuses put forth were related to health only and it is hillarious but noone ever ask a single question after you put forward anything related to health, I do have a personal experience in that case. Then we entered college and believe me, I've never heard of so many diseases in my life till now as I used to hear in college. Those were real fun days.

    The actual problem arises when you join a job or when you're working, these excuses really piss you off when you got a hell lot of work on your shoulders and then suddenly your colleague gives you a shock by taking leave for a fake reason which you are already aware of and you are supposed to do his/her work too. Oh man, that's the time when you recall all the abusing fancy words you know, and from the very next moment you got to work like an ass. That's the most annoying thing in this universe, I must say that.
    That happens quite a lot of time, but you just can't help it!! Towards the end, I'd only say that I can very well empathize with the author but that's how it goes here.

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    I don't know whether employees use this or not but students use this a lot. Every time a student wants to bunk school/college, this is the most probable excuse he/she makes. In our college, if a student has less than 75% attendance, he/she should show the proper reason in order to qualify for the next semester. Every such student brings a fake medical certificate from a hospital in the nearby village as proof. This excuse will be used by both employees or students forever as the boss or teacher may think that the excuse may be real even if he/she has a doubt about it.

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