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    If a child is Brilliant expectations of parents get too much high which burdens a child.

    Normally parents have expectations from their child no matter how the child perforf they want their child to do better in their life.
    But when a child is already brilliant, smart, hardworking and aware about everything and has always performed up to the mark these expectations get much higher.
    In such situation Sometimes Parents want their children to reach a level where no other can compete with him/her and often they get obsessed about their expectations.
    These expectations burdens a child who is already doing hardwork and these burden sonetimes lead to opposite of what his/her parents desire.
    Recently I saw one such case in my neighbourhood how a child who was achiever in every field suffered due to the burden of expectations.
    How do you see this?
    When child is already best still having such expectations how do you see such thing?
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    There is nothing is like being the best or being at the top in the matters like making progress. However, one should set an achievable target for himself/herself and work on the same accordingly. Progress can be made by climbing only one step at a time. After crossing certain stage or attaining the critical velocity, generally there is neither stopping nor looking back.
    The parents should be realistic and feel happy and content in case the children are already trying their best.
    Often the parents try to achieve through their children what they could not in their own life. Also, when they see the children of their relatives and friends performing outstandingly well, the parents start dreaming about their children outperforming them.

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    Different types of students are there. Some of the examples are here.
    1. A child who is very talent and no need to push for study; he knows about everything and read thoroughly without anyone's notice/advice.
    2. A child who is very talent, but every time his parents need to push for studies. Even though he knew all the subjects/course very clearly but due to ignorance and participating more in sports and other activities, parents have some doubt about him. Due to which they force always.
    3. A child who is very dedicated, hard worker, never miss classes; but not good in studies. He always scores average as compared to his hard work and dedication. He is lacking memory power, due to which fails to score good.
    4. A child who don't care any one, very naughty and arrogant; but scores good in comparison to studies. Still his parents scold due to his negligence and mischievous; they don't care about the score, they just want their child be a good person.
    So, as per my opinion, there must be burden during exams and assignments; but shouldn't every time if the child is brilliant.

    Naresh Kumar
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    This is a common situation for many students of India especially the ones studying +1 and +2. I don't know about other states but in our state, students are pushed, forced etc,. to score more marks in JEE Mains, JEE Advanced etc,. exams. For students scoring less marks, teachers are a nightmare. Due to the stress caused due to the high expectations of parents, some students committed suicides too. My brother is currently studying +2. One of his friends is the topper of his class and scored 340/360 in a weekly exam. His mother came to school and asked the principal the reason behind her son scoring less marks. She said that her son scored around 350/360 every time and this is a reduction of performance. Even the principal is on her side. I really wanted to slap the both of them. Such behavior in parents should never be encouraged.

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    Well there is much competition in the air on every aspect and the parents feel that their children should also be in the ring of performers. Unfortunately the parents fail to gauge the interest of the child and put unwanted pressure, which results to bring negative effect on the child while giving out put. The problems with the children that they should not only maintain the level of the performance and also try for one step ahead than previous performance. So this kind of pressure would have negative effect on the child and they would start getting angered for no reasons.
    K Mohan
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    Like every other child, an overly bright student also needs some bit of pushing, in order to continue doing well in his pursuits. I see this as encouragement that helps maintain focus. Children can be vulnerable to falling prey to peer pressure and lose sight of goals – or have no set goals. Complacency often sets in when one is at the top. Pressure, in the form of motivation is required to keep the child going!

    Yes, it is true that some parents go to extremes in trying to ensure their child remains the best at what he is good at, in the institution that he is part of. It is not just in academics that overenthusiastic parents want their children to do well. There is a long list of extracurricular activities that parents enroll their kids into – at times making the child pursue what they think is best. Parents must consider what interests the child, instead.

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