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    The good sleeping effect of Green Tea.

    You might wonder after reading this thread. Here I am putting up the good sleeping effect of Green Tea. It is not the tea to consume. It is the tea to rest our head to see the good effect. On Tuesday, I was presented with a Chinese made pillow which contain the green tea leaves inside. Generally, I never used to get proper sleep during night. I used to change my positions without any sleep. (Karvate badhalte rahe saare raath hum) In fact, I was struggling to sleep. But for the last two days(Tuesday and Wednesday) I could get into sleeping mode within no time after resting my head on that Green Tea pillow. It is still a wonder to me. What cotton cannot do is done by Green Tea!

    Members, Have you ever experienced the magic Green Tea pillow? It is a good side effect to our head to rest and sleep peacefully.
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    As far as I know so far, the green tea pillows are not stuffed with the leaves of the green tea plant. Instead the same are filled with an ultra soft microfiber infused with green tea extract that releases the natural aroma when the pillow touches the user's skin. It is said that the pleasant green tea fragrance help in relieving stress. It is sort of an aromatherapy technique.
    Not only green tea pillows but many other types of tea pillows are also available e.g. lavender tea pillow, jasmine tea pillow and memory foam pillow etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Green tea pillow is the new information to me and many. If the pillow is really giving good sleep due to special tea aroma , then that is considered to be best. Good aroma is required inside the bed room for good sleep.
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    When I read the title, I though that drinking green tea helps to sleep properly. Only after reading I found that this is about tea pillows, the objects which I didn't even know exist. With the help of internet, I learnt something about them. Chinese discovered centuries ago that sleeping on tea pillows cools our head, soothes our nerves etc,. The reason behind this is their fragrance. The fragrance of tea leaves gives us that comfort. And, there are different types of tea pillows in which green tea pillow is one. From what I learnt, such pillows are costly. Can you tell me what's the price of the green tea pillow you mentioned, Mr. Sun?

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    It was brought from China. The cost of the green tea pillow is approximately Rs. 400/-.

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    Thank you for clarifying Mr. Sun. In a web site I saw, each tea pillow's cost is more than Rs. 1500. That's why I asked you the price.

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    Thank You Sun for sharing this information. For the first time I am coming across Green Tea Pillows.

    After seeing this piece of information I searched about the benefits of Tea Pillows. These are some of the benefits of Tea Pillows
    1. Refresh the atmosphere of the room with good fragrance
    2. Reduces stress and worries
    3. The stuffed material in the Tea Pillows will soothe nerves and helps to calm the mind
    4. Tea pillow provides good comfort

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