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    Why do we take bath? To clean our body or to maintain our health? Let us discuss

    Let us have a very serious discussion on the subject BATH. Are we taking bath to keep our body clean, attractive and shining, or to maintain our health in a perfect state with the water over the skin?
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    There are many benefits of bathing. Some of them are:
    1. Due to bath our body skin get moisturize and medicated that helps killing dead cells; due to which the skin become safe from various infections and itching like diseases.
    2. Bathing also gives relieve from body and muscle aches. During bath we usually massage our body oil and soap that gives pain relief.
    3. Bathing controls body temperature from cold to hot and vies-verse
    4. Some other health benefits of bath are; reduces sugar level, control blood circulation, enhance immune system, etc.
    5. Bathing give mental peaceful and freshness; reduces stress.
    6. Above all you look good after bath

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    Keeping our body clean is directly related to health and hygiene. So, in my opinion, both the reasons mentioned by Mr. Sun for taking bath, are basically same.

    For becoming attractive, we use various toiletries like deodorants, perfumes, powders, etc.

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    Taking proper bath is a detailed ritual instead of just pouring water on the body with or without application of a soap. It involves rubbing or massaging the body also. In the case of taking a bath during winters with cold water, additional physical exercises like shivering etc. also take place. Some of the benefits of taking bath daily and properly are as follows -
    1. It increases blood circulation which in turn reduces the blood pressure and consequently the heart function also improves.
    2. It boosts the immune system with help in fighting infections. Taking a bath daily reduces the chances of falling sick.
    3. An exposure to cold water results in activation of the nervous system and thus helps in managing anxiety and depression.
    4. The levels of male hormone testosterone increases in men who take cold showers daily.
    5. Pouring a mug of cold water on head forces one to breathe deeply with a quick pause which opens up the lungs and increases the uptake of oxygen.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Bath to one is giving more benefits such as:
    1. Cleaning our body
    2.removing odor from our body
    3.Giving freshness
    4. Protecting us from others running from us
    5. Motivating to do the next one.

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    I just cannot understand as to what prompted the author to raise this question. Every one takes the bath daily to keep clean, to maintain hygiene in the body , and by remaining clean. we would maintain better health always. While bathing if you are using more percentage of TFM soap means it will cause problems to skin. If you use shampoo regularly, then that gives to hair falls regularly. So use desi made soaps which are ayurvedic in nature and without any side effects to the skin.
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    I think all the scientific reasons are mentioned in the above responses. This is what I think. Taking a Bath makes us more active. In hostels, many students bath once in two days etc,. Some years back, when I was in a hostel, I tried it once and found that not taking bath leads to a sleepy/dull mood the entire day, no matter what happens. So, it is better to take bath everyday and head bath with cold water if possible.

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    Sometimes I recall a similar thread or topic which I had read , and then cannot resist my curiosity to search for that.
    Now in such a time pass, I found it interesting that after posting many threads related to 'bath' the author has come to the very basic question why do we take bath at all.

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    Bathing is simply washing our total body exterior. This is a habit not considered essential by many. However the body itself prompts animals to take to dip in water for getting rid of dust, flies etc. when they irritate them and cannot scratch it off. For animals dipping and immersing in water or pouring water on themselves is a way for cooling their body in hot weather. For humans, bathing is one way to get rid of the accumulating dead cells of skin and also to remove the dust and dirt accumulating.
    But after seeing the many benefits of taking bath, civilised human society has recorded the benefits to mind also by regular bathing. Humans have thus made bathing to a habit and pleasure using many types of aids and cleansing and beautifying for bathing or to use before or after bathing.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Many rich and wealthy individuals, who have nothing to do for earning a livelihood, spend very long time in taking an elaborate bath which is a kind of pastime for them. Also, there are religious kinds of ritualistic baths of taking a holy dip in a sacred river.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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