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    GST Bill passed by Rajya Sabha

    Rajya Sabha passed the GST Bill and returned to Lok Sabha .The opositiin parties on the assurance of Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jately on demand regarding capping of GST AT 18 %.It is the big move of government in simplifying the indirect taxes by merging all taxes like Excise tax service tax into one single tax .It will help business enterprises in doing business .However it will increase inflation as present service tax rate is 15%.The government is committed to implement GST from1st April 2017 .
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    The issue is being discussed in a different thread, the link of which is given below:-
    Do you think GST bill will pass this time?
    You may check the ongoing discussion in that thread.

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    The new GST will be at eighteen percent maximum as there are some items under the percentage eighteen also. This is most welcoming rule for the consumers as the similar percentage of tax all over India get effected. This would enable to sell easily from one state to another without any confusion.

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    It will mainly help business community and government as it will bring uniformity and less administrative burden

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    But it is not for petrol and diesel ... why? That's the main problem of crisis in India. If diesel price will low or same in allover India then transportation cost must be reduced, which cause inflation.

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