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    Will the proposed amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act, increase the road safety?

    In India, about 5 lakh road accidents take place annually in which 1.5 lakh people lose their life. Recently the union cabinet has approved Motor vehicle (Amendment) 2016 vide which many provisions for increased road safety have been proposed. Some of the major proposals are as follows -
    1. Compensation for hit and run cases has been increased from the present Rs. 25000 to Rs. 2 lakhs.
    2. The penalty for not wearing helmets increased from Rs. 100 to Rs 1000 and disqualification for 3 months for the licence.
    3. The penalty for verloading of two-wheelers increased from Rs. 100 to Rs 2000 and disqualification for 3 months for the licence.
    4. In cases of offences by underage children, the guardian / owner shall be deemed to be guilty and a penalty of Rs 25,000 with 3 years imprisonment can be imposed.
    There are many other such proposals.
    Will the proposed amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act, increase the road safety?
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    Dear Mr. Kailash

    It is a good point of debate for ISC members and is well thought topic from your mind. I think you will get numerous replies on this topic from members.

    In my view road safety can be increased only through self awareness otherwise no penalty can stop accidents.

    Manish Gupta

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    1) Poor people don't have cars. Middle class people carefully handle their cars and it is less likely that they involve in a hit and run. Paying Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 2,00,000 is same for rich people. So, this proposal cannot be of much use.
    2) This works for middle class people but only one among the fine or license cancellation is enough.
    3) This also works for middle class people but only one among the fine or license cancellation is enough here too.
    4) This is the proposal I like the most. I always think that the parents who give bikes to their children must be charged for murder or attempt murder if their child dies due to rash driving etc,. My parents properly guided me and I too didn't learn bike riding till I am 18. I am proud of that.
    No matter how many of these proposals are implemented, people continue to ignore them. Many traffic police etc,. are corrupt and leave the people not following these rules by taking bribes. If people start following traffic rules and police start punishing people who doesn't follow traffic rules as per the rules, there will be no road accidents.

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    There should be some way to monitor the defaulters, and every event should be recorded and accounted to ensure the amount charged is credited to the government. Otherwise, the corrupt law enforcing authorities will have their hay day to make their daily booty, and the road safety will remain without any change. The defaulters will bribe the police with one- quarter of the fine amount and escape from the scene. It would be a minimum loss to the vehicle owner and a handsome sum to the checking authority. Both the defaulter and the checker will be happy with their minimum loss and maximum gain.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    While the government has every right to regulate and bring in new laws to tame the erring motorists who does not follow the rules, but the new rules appended above seems to be totally pro -government , that means if the traffic police has the grudge to take revenge on the motorists, he can simply issue challan for violating. In Hyderabad, except the SI others are not allowed to review or impose fines. Naturally the frustrated traffic police who are given high defining cameras and which are dangling on their neck can even take videos while the traffic person is moving and thus more income for the department and nothing largesse for the traffic constables. Therefore misusing of this new act is imminent. Moreover if the two wheeler are over loaded, the fine would be more. That means during peak ours the parents would leave their children with triple riding and that would be considered as over loading now. So there would be protest from the public as there is no assurance from the government on safe roads, no path holes and wide roads ?
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The law regarding wearing helmets existed even in the past, only the penalty amount has been increased in the proposed amendment. Earlier people used to pay some amount to the traffic policemen as a bribe in case caught without helmets.
    Will the amount of bribe also increase with the increase in the penalty amount?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In Tamil there was on cine song,'Thittam pOtu thirudara koottam thirudikkonde irukkum, sattam pottu thadukkara koottam thaduththuk konde irukkum, thirudaraaip paarththu thirunthaa vitaal thiruttai ozhikka mudiyaathu' which means that, 'a group is planing to steal, a group is planning to lay rules for preventing thefts, but unless the thieves correct themselves theft cannot get prevented'. Like this, if the Government laying rules by rules with severity, increase the quantum of penalty etc., on one side but daily we can see persons erring rules of the road in all parts of the city,villages etc., Unless otherwise they correct themselves to follow rules of the road there is no meaning of laying rules or levying hefty fines.

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