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    Provision of funding and grant for educational television programs by govt. of India

    The U.S. Government spend more than 50$billion every year for supporting public and educational television and radio programs. The producers are making huge money with topics like science, art and history. Some universities in U.S. also promote education through television for which they're getting complete monetary support from government and less from private advertisements. Is there any provision in India to get such benefits? I think there is no such provision in India as the govt. fails to pay the retired artists as per the scheme of pension to indigent artists and grant-in-aid to cultural and sports institutions.
    What's your opinion on this topic? There must be some cultural aid and funding for TV educational programs in India or not?
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    It is better if government encourages educational TV programs by giving them some funds. But, it may be of no use. Children don't watch educational programs in TV. As they are spending too much time in schools, they try to enjoy in home and watch only cartoon shows etc,. in TV. The teenagers don't watch TV as they are being involved in social networking sites for more time these days. And, adults don't watch educational programs in TV. In my opinion, government must set a rule that every TV channel must telecast only educational programs during a particular half an hour or one hour everyday.

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    The United States is a highly developed country where as India is still a developing country. US ranks very high on several socioeconomic parameters like per capita GDP, productivity per person, average wages and human development etc. India on the other hand, has challenges like poverty, corruption, malnutrition and inadequate public healthcare etc. to deal with on priority basis. Thus the pattern of allocation of available resources are obviously different and no comparison can be made between the two.
    I feebly remember having read somewhere that the total fee paid by the Indian students in US universities is more than the union budget of education of India.
    In India work is already underway for utilization of available Education Satellite (EduSAT) and Direct to Home platforms, providing e-learning support to the higher education institutions and setting up virtual labs etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Earlier, before arrival of private channels, Doordarshan used to telecast 'Britania Quiz Contest'; which was a good show for students to learn and make plays to learn. Nowadays, students are only watching cartoons, and other entertainment channels; even though some channels telecast educational programs.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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