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    How do you feel when you miss a favorite topic in forum section?

    Sometime due to any busy schedule or travelling or any family function I missed many interesting threads in forum section. As threads became old and go backward pages, it is impossible and unauthenticated to pull back again. However, I used to read the thread and replies; but don't feel to re-post or create a new one if found there're many things to discuss and share with others. I just want to know some information from you, please answer these questions.
    1. What's your feeling when you miss a favorite topic?
    2. Do you think the same can be discussed again, if more matters are there to share?
    3. Why pulling old threads in forum is restricted? What causes and how it affects to the site?
    4. What is the lifespan of a thread in ISC forum?
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    Normally for me missing a topic in this forum section does not arise as rarely I miss any thread unattended. If by chance any topic has been missed, we are always at the liberty to share the nearest topic with the members. As I said instead of pulling the old thead
    on the same topic, you can rise a new one with modification.

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    In a virtual site, there is nothing to feel or worry about. No joy or regret. You can read and enjoy all the past posts which are more than ten days old, if missed to read. Pulling up old threads occupies the front page and pushes down the new threads as most members don't get into the next index pages of ISC. The threads never die. they live forever in the archives.
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    Well, there are occasions when you fail to login to ISC for a couple of days. There could be several reasons for that to happen. And yes, you miss a lot of threads during those days. The newer threads push them down and finally to the next page. In such cases, it really annoys me as I would not be able to post my responses to the thread. Even if the thread has not gone ten days old, the relevance could be gone.

    It may not affect those who just treat it as an avenue to make money, but for those who really want to share their views across, it hurts their creative side. I often feel bad when that happens with me.

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    The general life span of a thread meant for general discussion in an active status is 10 days only though there are few exceptions like the announcement threads of the Webmasters /ME etc. or such other important thread issued by the ISC management. However, I don't know exactly as to how long the threads are retained in the ISC repository and whether they are ever purged or not.
    Regarding the missed thread, perhaps nothing much can be done. However, in case the member is very much interested in the discussion on the missed topic, then a new thread can always be raised though only after adding some value.
    Regarding the policy decision of not pulling a thread after 10 days and its reasons, possible beneficial or adverse effects, only the editors can throw light on the same. However, it appears that there are more chances of increasing/generating traffic in case a new thread is raised with a new url instead of continuing to churn the old topic/url for longer durations.

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    As far as I know, about fifty threads will be raised everyday. The threads raised morning will be in the second page by night. What I think is that the webmasters will change the policy from 10 days to 5 days in the future. Announcement threads etc,. stay in the first page until they are locked etc,. So, if we need to continue the discussion, it is better to raise a new thread by providing a link to the previous thread. ISC database contains all the threads raised from the birth of ISC till today, even the deleted ones.

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    As a thread remains open for ten days or so, I don't think this is a problem for regularly contributing Members. If a Member logs-in after a considerable period of time, such eventuality may arise. But as Mr. Sun has already stated, there is no cause of disappointment. Any Member can raise similar threads. As for example, presently at least three threads are active all of which discuss the GST Bill and its impact.
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