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    Review of OLX site - too goood to sell our goods

    Having doubts about whether or not to sell your old household goods online on OLX? Get your doubts cleared by checking out the first-hand reviews at this forum page of people who have actually used OLX.

    Earlier when I used to watch ads in the television about OLX I never believed it would be so easy and reliable.

    But recently I sold some of my household goods. I sold it at a higher price than what I had expected it earlier before posting the ad. Actually it is a very good site to sell our household goods because manually it is so difficult to sell our goods. But now it is so much easier.

    If we take good images of our goods and write a good description about that, then definitely it will be sold within 24 hours. My first ad posting was about our TV stand. After posting, it was sold within 12 hours. So a lot of thanks to this site and hope they should have still more options. Now no tension to sell my household items. It is a very good site!.
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    It seems you are lucky to get better price than expected after selling through OLX. Normally people are interested to buy cost effective goods through OLX. If the same product is available with less price, why the customer would purchase our goods. Just ponder over.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Since yesterday, it is seen that few threads are appearing in the forum section mentioning the companies by name like Lakme, Naaptol and now OLX. Perhaps the editors may examine this trend to evaluate if such discussions tantamount to a promotion of a particular company or not. So far, after my joining ISC last year, I have not noticed such discussions in the forum section of ISC.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks for you comment. My intention is to share my experience and give a general awareness about general topics that I had, and even come to no much about other's experience also. Its not just for the sake of money. It includes both.

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    Congrats gsadhiks, as you sold out your television through OLX, even three month back I was trying to sell my mobile phone through OLX< but I did not get the price as per my expectation, but after some days one of my friend sold my mobile at very good price, then I realize that OLX is to share the information and you can sell your products but there is no guaranty you can get the best price, yes I can not deny that we can meet number of buyers and can bargain with that, but I prefer to sell my old products through any third party and give some commission which is easy and best for me.

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    @ Kailash Kumar, try to understand what the author is trying to say, it is just his/her experience of using the products or services. That can be taken as reviews, not promotion of the company or website.

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    There are many sites like OLX and anyone of them can be used to sell our goods if they are of no use to us. You are lucky to get a better price than expected. Anyway, it is better to post with a price more than what we expect so that we get what we expect after bargain. I sold a phone for Rs. 2,000 in OLX but what I expected is Rs. 1,500 (as it has outdated features). Its a Rs. 5,000 phone and used for an year till then. So, the buyer and I are mutually benefited. I too like the OLX site.

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    #574076 Author: gsadhiks :
    "My intention is to share my experience and give a general awareness about general topics that I had, ...."

    I always welcome real experiences from members. The brochures and advertisement may say only one side of the story and mostly that will be exaggerated than reality. But the real first-hand experience is what we need and that adds value to discussions helping readers. In maximum cases possible, I put my own experience or my own acquired knowledge. I keep an open attitude for getting more inputs from others and correct my stand if needed.
    Thanks, gsadhiks.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    We do not consider such threads as promotional in nature. In fact, these are useful threads which, with tuning by the forum editors, can fetch traffic to ISC since they are first-hand accounts of actual users of a site, unlike some blog posts were the site's promoters themselves may post something just to show their site in a good light.
    Managing Editor,

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    Somewhere I read it, once OLX owner was about to suicide, you may be wondering it why? It is just because of few naughty people tried to sell the 'previous (last) year calendar' through OLX :)

    So, make sure you don't do likewise.

    Hafeezur Rahman
    ISC Editor – Jobs

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    Nothing can be 100% good and my experience is proof of that. You were fortunate your deal went through smoothly. I had a 'not so good' experience. Since, my daughter was moving out of Hyderabad an account was created and advertisements placed for things that were to be sold. Most of these were electronic items, less than a year old, sparingly used and in excellent condition. The price we quoted was half that of new items. The offers we received were pitiful.

    People offered to buy Sony Bravia 32" TV with Tata Sky HD set top box for Rs.7,000 – Rs.8,000. In addition to that they wanted us to pay for the removal of the dish antenna. Yamaha Ray Z for around 10k. The other goods also received pathetic offers.

    Those who were willing to pay an acceptable price would take an appointment and not show up. One guy messaged his number, which turned out to be non-existent. Another asked for my number and I promptly started receiving SPAM calls. Some left messages that they were willing to buy, but did not respond to our messages.

    We eventually, sold the stuff to her colleagues and via a Facebook group dedicated to Hyderabad Flat mates, buy sell etc.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    "OLX site is to too goood to sell our goods"-Does the title of the thread mean "OLX site is not good to sell our goods"? During my childhood, my father used to say that 'too' is used to express negative meaning.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Some members might 've a not-so-good experience. It may depend on the price factor or the particular area or city. I know a person who does part-time business on OLX. He is a technical guy, must be around 33 yrs. He buys old ACs through OLX & Quickr, does some minor repairs & then resells them though OLX & Quickr. Moreover, he buys exclusive models of Mobiles from the ecommerce portals when the booking opens. Then resells the brand new & unused mobiles though OLX & Quickr on a premium when the booking on the eCommerce portals closes for those models.

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