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    Savdhaan India is teaching us..........

    Hello Every body,

    Savadhaan India program in LIFE OK channel is verry good. Actually the anchoring is very good and each story of savdhaan India is the real story and they picture it so well that we come to know that how much ever cautious we are its the less. Finally the victim fighting back for its justice is also very good. By their episode we learn that we should never give up at any stages of life if we are loyal to our work. It also gives knowledge at how the world is outside. Its not so bed of roses as we think. We should be very cautious about our loved ones. I regularly watch this episode and suppose if I miss I watch the repeated telecast.

    The title its self is so good.SAVDHAAN INDIA - INDIA FIGHTS BACK NOW.
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    Well, yes - even I watch those shows. They give you an idea about what could be lurking against your security in the outside world. The show and the stories handled are quite informative. They teach you to be cautious while working with the people around you.

    However, the show also has a danger associated with it. The way those shows depict the crimes in a detailed way can be a reason for "teaching" those steps to the anti social elements.

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    Yes some of the episodes are really astonishing and we come to know that people who are having friendship with us and still plan wrong doing against us. We must be careful to make friendship with the new guys and never ever give contact details of parents and other relatives to new people.
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    Yes, it is one of the most popular shows in Indian television and watched by millions of people staying in India. I too see this show on my television, and I can bet that if anyone start seeing a single episode of his then he will get addicted to it and will start liking this show. This show is more attractive than any other films. What I like about the show is that at the end of every episode the anchor will give conclusion that what the victim should do and not do. This can also be seen as lesson which we all should keep in mind.
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    The various episodes of the Savdhaan India show basically deal with real life crimes stories of fraud, robbery, forgery, rape, murder, kidnapping, domestic violence, sexual assault and such other crimes etc. The serial's full episodes can be watched online free on However, as usual, it appears to be a commercial venture only to attract the viewers for increasing TRP by telecasting stories in an overdramatic manner sometimes bordering on being salacious or titillating in nature.
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    I absolutely agree; serials such as Savdhaan India are created to educate people of the dangers that lurk around them. They act as eye-openers. I have watched a few episodes, albeit many years ago. I wish more such shows are created, so people can learn from them.

    Crime shows play a dual role, while they teach people to be careful; it is also from these shows that wrongdoers get ideas to carry out a crime. Which is why, every crime serial should highlight the trauma that victims and their families undergo, along with the anguish and trouble the perpetrators family is put through, and the consequence of the crime, on the criminal. Showing that a criminal is arrested, does not act as a deterrent – life in prison should also be highlighted. This can teach those who want to commit a crime that every wrong action affects many people, including themselves.

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    Hello Everybody,
    In all serials there is positive and negative aspects it is left to viewers to take it. Now at least the mega serials are teaching all kind of crime that can be done in the family. Savaadhan India is making people alert and by the name itself we don't allow the kids to watch that. But mega serials we allow them to watch and there only they learn all kind of slang language and different types of crime activities.

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