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    Less studies and more project works for school children.

    In the recent past there is an increasing trend for the schools to give project works for the children and that has become great burden for the parent as children won't have any idea and it is the parents who are bothered and do the work for them or help them. So the parents who are already over burdened with their house hold works and are now bothered with new assignments. Teachers also know that it is the mother or the father who does the project work, and the mark is awarded to the child. What is the logic behind this system? I cannot understand!
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    The objective of such methodology is to enable the students to learn by practically getting involved in the project work. However, the students are supposed to complete their project work themselves under the guidance of the teachers and parents. Generally, in the average schools, the concept is not fully clear even to the teachers and they simply start copying the practices of reputed schools. Nowadays, even the engineering degree students are buying projects from the market. As a matter of fact, in some colleges, the unemployed alumni of the college start a business of selling projects to the new students. Many Ph.D. students also buy ready-made thesis available in the market. Such a deterioration in the education has led to creation of an army of unemployed youth.
    Up to the college days , the parents/students have to give money, but after completion of the studies, the student has to earn money. There is no hurdle in 'giving' part. The problem arises only when the time comes to 'receive' or earn.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I would like to state the title as: "Less studies for students and more projects for parents". I have noted that if a student does the project on his/her own, the teachers not only discourage, but also insult such student. The project work would only benefit students if they do it on their own-otherwise it is an wastage of time, money, resources and children don't learn anything out of it. This is my firm view.
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    Yes, even I surprised why such type of education system developing. My nephew is studying at class 1, where as the project given by school, ,he can not complete that, and his parents get involved to complete that, he just saw the process and explain in school, but his own hard work is maximum 15-20% rest task is being completed by parents or elder siblings. Although such type of study material increase the practical knowledge of the student but I think this si excessive pressure and not design as per the exact age.

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    Mr. Partha suggested a very good title. In my opinion, there is no need to assign projects to children if they are not doing it on their own. In many colleges, students who complete project works but don't know anything about it are encouraged whereas a student who didn't complete the project but knows everything about it is not. In my opinion, students become more intelligent if they do project works on their own. So, theoretical subjects must be given less priority and practical subjects must be given higher priority. If parents do project work, students can't think practically. If students study theoretical subjects more, it will be of less use in future. So, this system is a complete failure.

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    Projects are put into practice to increase confidence and learning of a subject. However, most of the students do copy the contents from internet and paste/print on the paper and illustrate to their teachers. The teachers also give good marks by knowing that the student has copied it from internet. There is nothing worth by doing such practices. And as said by Mr. Partha the creativity always hold back; plagiarism praises in schools.
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    Projects should be given according to children's age and which a child can do by himself. Most of the projects given to students will be difficult for them to complete and parents do it on behalf of his child. Also if parents are doing the project, they should teach children what they are doing, they should do a sample and let a child do rest while a parent and sit and monitor what the child is doing. But that is not the case now. In order to finish the project, parents do it themselves sometimes even if the child is not around. It will no way benefit the child as the child does not learn anything from the project.

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    One of the aims of introducing projects and activities as a part of CCE was to reduce the stress on students. This is was done with the aim that students who face difficulty in scoring well in written exams can make up for it by scoring in these projects. The fact that parents and elder siblings are helping the students out is wrong on their part. Neither do I think teachers would give decent marks to the student if they know they have not done the project themselves.
    In most countries projects and homeworks are assigned to students and no matter how difficult, students do it themselves. It is only in India that parents are so stuck up about their kids scoring more makrs than other children that they will go to the extent of helping their children cheat on their hoemwork and projects by helping them out to an extent that they are clearly not supposed to. Many teachers are to be blamed as well since they don't discourage such interference from their student's parents nor do they assign projects which can be completed with comparative ease by the students.


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