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    Have you seen the show "Shakti astitva k ehasas ki" a concept totally new to Indian television?

    A show "Shakti astitva k ehsas ki" which airs on colurs everynight monday to friday at 8.00 pm which has totally different story from the convention televison series in India.
    And the directors and actors need to be appriciated for having guts and taking up such a issue on television. The show is about a mother who hides the fact about her child being a transgender to protect the child from everyone and tell the child that she is a girl.
    And even the child is not aware about his actual identity and it is very creatively shown how the story is further moves and situations become such that this child gets married to a boy.
    And how she get to know about her real identity and how she is affected by it.
    This show deals with thr conditions of transgenders in India and how they are seggregated in the society.
    Have you seen this show?
    What are your views and opinon about the show ?
    What do you think about the conditon of transgenders in India ?
    Why they are seggergated?
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    After the judgement of the Supreme court recognising the transgenders as the third gender, much discussions and debates have started regarding the issue. Even on ISC we are seeing few threads raised on the subject matter and passionate discussions are underway. The television media is also playing its role and sensitizing the people about the underlying issues.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    (Oops! Responded without seeing the thread's date! Ready to accept negative/zero points.)

    In olden days, some people are categorized as untouchables and are discriminated. Now a days, transgenders are being discriminated. But, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Males and females are discriminating transgenders and transgenders are forcefully demanding money from males and females. Coming to the point, I didn't know about that TV serial as I don't watch TV much. But, it looks like this serial is totally different from the garbage serials being aired these days. It would be better if everyone treats the three genders equally.

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