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    Do you like the new template for forum section? - report issues with forum template only here

    Firstly, I am not pointing out anyone for changing the template for forum section. I personally feel that the new template is not as attractive as the previous one. After changing the template, all the responses in which we mentioned response numbers like #575757 become improper. And, the forum footer feature will be of no use. If we place our mouse pointer on any of the forum super stars, it shows that those members earned tens of thousands of points in last 30 days from forum section. I would like to know whether this is a permanent change or a temporary one. Anyways, do you like the new template for forum section?
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    Krishna, the point is under discussion and a decision will be arrived at soon. To be frank, even I am not very happy with the change! Let us wait and see.
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    It is good but not very good. The small fonts used affects my reading. The script is very dim. I suggest some improvement in the font size and the colour . It should look big and colourful.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Mr. Sun, if you want to increase/decrease the font size, 'Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up/Down' is the way.

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    The font size of the thread message & that of the responses is not the same. The font size of responses is smaller than that of the thread message. If we increase the size by 'Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up', it will increase the size of everythg proportionately. The difference will always be there till it is rectified by the webmaster concerned.

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    Well Tony has been working on methods and ways to present this forum in greater attractive way to the internet users to attract the traffic. The present template is on the lines of news paper contents on line. After every news published they seek the comments, but instead of comments here we are submitting our responses. Only recently the ISC has gone on record that forum has also gained importance and getting good revenue to the site and introduction of summary to certain messages is really path braking. Though there are certain problems when compared to the original template, we would get accustomed to this one in near future. By the way the forum super stars total score being shown must be corrected at once. No one could earn such huge points in one month. Hope Tony would be making necessary corrections. Another change what I noticed that the editors who respond which were seen in blue color is missing in the present template.
    K Mohan
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    Since members were creating multiple threads about problems with the forum template, this one thread is being provided for reporting such problems. If you have problems with the new main template, report them in Tony Sir's thread: Report all issues with new template of ISC
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    I would wish to see the member rank being indicated along with the member name. As for other issues, I do think it is still in nascency and we may need to wait till we get used to the template.
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    All the issues I mentioned above are solved. Some other issues are:
    1) Member Rank not visible.
    2) Member Profile Photo not visible.
    3) Forum Response Rating not visible.
    4) Old Template while and after editing a forum response.
    5) Forum response after locking a thread : I think this issue is present in the old template too. I responded to a thread today. After clicking submit response, I found that the managing editor responded and locked that thread but my response is still posted next to hers. The thread is not open for responding now but my response is visible next to the response of managing editor saying that she will lock the thread. Can this issue be solved?

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    #574340 Krishna,

    The issue you mentioned as the last point is because of the net connectivity. There are times when a response takes time to get uploaded due to a slower internet speed. Meanwhile if the other member posts a response and his/her net speed is faster, the latter response gets posted first followed by your response. It could have happened that ME posted the response stating that she will be closing the thread and went on to close the same and your response got posted in the meantime. It cannot be an issue with the template.

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    Thank you for reporting issues. I am working on resolving all of them, one by one. Continute reporting all your suggestions regarding the Forum template.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    In the new template format we also directed to related topics or posts from the same page but those topics and matters are dating back to many months and as per the ISC rules we are not suppose to dig and respond to old threads. How this can be addressed ?
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The related threads and topics that are shown are not necessarily meant for you to respond. The related links are a means to getting more traffic to the site. It is a standard feature used in almost all websites.
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    Another bug is that "in the template, the page is not properly arranged for an unanswered forum thread". Here is the screenshot showing the bug.

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