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    The internet charges are levied on what basis ?More dowloads, or more data sending ?

    Either too I was having a fixed expense of 400 per month for internet through which I used my wifi connections and all the family members were having their internet activities through their cell phones. Now the old operator has seized and new operator installed fresh wiring and connected the net. He says that rate of internet would depend on the usage now. May I have some clarity on this from the learned members. Is the charges would be more for down loading videos, images and uploading images through whats app and other social media ?
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    Nowadays, most of the internet service providers doesn't count upload usages; they only calculate the download data (usage). Earlier there was some limit in data uploading and downloading; today there is no limitations in this. Commonly the plans start with unlimited plans with some speed limit. I'm using speed basis unlimited plan, where the service provider charging Rs. 900/- per month with 100 GB data download facility with 100mbp/s; after completion of 100GB the speed will decrease. However, I can download / use maximum 10-15GB per month hardly. Using Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networking sites cost very less. Even some companies provides it at free of cost.
    Mohan Sir, if the operator says the rate will be as per usage; enquire the speed and download limits per month. I think the download of videos through Facebook and WhatsApp will be counted; but not the uploading usages.

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    This is an interesting thread which requires detailed discussion for understanding the billing process of the internet service providers. Are all internet service providers fully transparent in billing matters? Besides the basis of billing i.e. whether uploaded data or downloaded data or a combination of both, one more thing baffles me which is their billing cycle. Generally, they send bills to much in advance and rigorously prompt the users also to pay the bill, though the last date remains far away. Often they send alerts that the allocated quota of the plan has already been exhausted and prompt the users to buy additional data.
    Is the billing system of all internet service providers same or they have liberty to design their own plans? Do the TRAI has any role to play in such matters?

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    From what I know, internet charges will depend upon the data downloaded and data uploaded. In my home, WiFi is used and the charge is Rs. 1000 per month. For that, 8 Mbps speed is obtained for the first 60 GB (data downloaded and data uploaded) and 2 Mbps later. As you are saying that your internet connection is postpaid now, your bill depends upon the total data downloaded and total data uploaded. Note that uploading or downloading videos etc,. for an hour or so is equivalent to contributing five to six hours in ISC. What I am saying is, uploading or downloading videos etc,. requires more data transfer. A video occupies mega bytes (million bytes) of data whereas text occupies kilo bytes (thousand bytes) of data. The bill will be dependent upon the speed you get and the data you transfer.

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    Krishna - Which company product you use?
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    Internet Service Provider charges include the total Bandwidth including uploading and downloading the content.
    For e.g if four user are using the wi fi connection at same time , two are downloading the content and two are uploading the content than total data will be counted by ISP .
    Charging will depend on the data plan you are using , if you are using unlimited plan than you are charging will be fixed .But if you are plan provide only fixed bandwidth data for e.g. like 10 Gb plan than after consuming 10Gb of time ( download plus upload ) you will be charged according to the rate of internet service provider .It is advised not to use differential plan ,use only unlimited plan.

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    #574237 (Mr. Kailash Kumar) : I am using BSNL's plan "BBG Combo ULD 999" which provides 8 Mbps for first 60 GB and 2 Mbps beyond. I don't know whether plans like this are available in states other than Andhra Pradesh or not. "" is the page showing such plans. By the way, can anyone tell me whether clickable links to BSNL sites are allowed or not.

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    The charges are based on the total data consumed. It is inclusive of your upload and download of data. It is not as if you are charged more for a download of videos, images or just browsing the sites. While you are browsing the internet, you naturally consume less data because there isn't much data involved. But if you are downloading or uploading the images, the data transfer involved is more and it still more for the video transfers.

    I hope the concept is clear to you now.

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    Krishna (#574244) - As far as I think since BSNL is a Government organization, a clickable link to the same is likely to be permitted subject to compliance of policy regarding 'do-follow' or 'nofollow' links etc. which has not yet become fully clear to me. I request the editors to please throw light on the subject matter.
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    Clickable links are allowed but of reputed websites, the link you give is not of BSNL but of some blog.

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