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    When people are not liking themselves, how come we expect others to like us ?

    Right from the morning till we retire to bed, we shall be confronting with many people and for some seeking the advise and approval of near and dear ones on silly matters also gives them tension and they wont sleep unless and until they are liked. And for us also, we do nice dressing, or present a good paper in the college or even we excel with good performance at the office but still a word of appreciation or like from others will always boost our energy. But the fact is that when people are frustrated with them with their own life, how come we expect to appreciate us ?
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    If a person doesn't love himself, he/she will never being loved by anyone. There is a philosophy and law of attraction that at first you need to see in front of mirror and appreciate yourself as you're the best and beautiful/handsome. Automatically, people surrounded by you will start appreciate and loving you. This is the science and actual psychology of human being.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    It is true that there are more people who are frustrated with themselves than those who are happy. There are several reasons for the same which are well known and perhaps need no elaboration. However, one can choose to keep the company of only those people who are themselves enthusiastic and cheerful. Interacting with such people makes one happy and refilled with renewed vigour and energy.
    Only those people can afford to remain happy and contended who have accepted the world realistically. Such people don't live in a fools paradise and accept the things as they are.
    One prime factor in continuing to remain happy is to not to compare with others and thus become a victim of the negative feelings like envy or jealousy.
    We should not axpect others to like us. Let them live their own life. What difference it will make if they appreciate our efforts or not.
    We should continue to perform unfazed and in an impassionate manner. Only weak willed individuals scout for appreciation from others.
    People will be bound to appreciate when the day will come by achieving something outstaning.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, you are totally right, now a day many people are frustrated of themselves because of family problems or because of work overloaded which is like a burden on them. So what I think is that instead looking for someone appreciation to boost ourselves its better to do our work sincerely, and if we do our work sincerely then some or the other day we will definitely will get reward for our hard work. We ourselves can understand the pressure that the human are getting because of the competition in the market, everyone is running for earning his livelihood and to secure his children and family members. So instead of relying on other appreciation it better to move on and do our work which is given to us.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Almost every person likes and enjoys appreciation. I don't expect anybody will appreciate me anytime but I will enjoy very much if somebody appreciates me. It is better not to expect any appreciation from others. Instead, we should continue to do our work properly. I believe that it is what gets us appreciation from others. But, we should properly take an appreciation from anybody. The Telugu quote 'Namaskaram ki Prati Namaskaram Samskaram' which means 'It is dignity to greet (give Namaskar) a person after he greets us' is slightly related to this context.

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