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    What is the meaning of the word “Friend” in your life dictionary?

    The definition of the word "Friend" varies from stage to stage. In the childhood days, a child will list all the names of his/her classmates as friends. Later on in the early school life, the child will consider the person who sits next to him/her as a friend. After getting some maturity, a person will create a new definition for the word "Friend" and "Friendship".

    We have heard many quotes about friends and friendship. But apart from those quotes, each person will have their own definition for Friends and Friendship.

    Define your views on 'Friend'and 'Friendship'. What is the meaning of the word "Friend" in your life dictionary?
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    Friend is a person with whom I can share everything. Unfortunately, at present, I have only one such friend. He is my 'own self'. Only with 'him' I share everything.
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    Friend, according to me, is a person who treat the other as a whole. He should not give up him on any circumstances. This can be done easily as a real friend only can understand about his friend. The example of friendship is number one Lord Krishna and Kuchela. Though Kuchela lived in a most poverty only on the induce of his wife he approach Krishna for help. But though he went to the palace of his friend he did not ask any help but returned with hesitation. But the Lord realized his intention of coming and indirectly made him happy. Here the friend kuchela did not misuse his friendship by asking influence from his friend and the friend Krishna though kuchela did not ask anything He realized the situation and helped him well.
    Another example Karna and Dhuryodhana. Though Dhuryodhana found to be an evil person to his citizens, Pandavas, Lord Krishna, Karna never leave him till the end. At the end though Karna knew that he is the eldest son of Mother Kunthi and eldest brother of Pandavas, he refused to leave Dhuryodhana, his friend. He, karna, lived for his friend and died for his friend.

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    In my opinion, a true friend of an individual is his/her spouse only, though generally the spouses are considered much above the friendship and the relationship is considered a class in itself. However, on critical examination, we find that the relationship between the spouses encompasses all prerequisites of being a friend though much more. The spouses are not blood relatives but become the closest one in due course and generally nothing is hidden between them and total unconditional love, cooperation and support exist between them.
    Nowadays, the social media, particularly the Facebook has disoriented the meaning of a friend. Anybody connected on Facebook is labelled as a friend. Further, the greeting cards and gift item merchants have further added fuel to the fire and the noble friendship has deteriorated to mean an exchange of gifts between two individuals on quid pro quid basis.
    All classmates, colleagues, coworkers, neighbours or acquaintances cannot be a friend.
    In recent times, the terms girlfriend or boyfriend has created further confusion. I doubt if all girlfriends or boyfriends are true friends.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Friend has several meaning like pal, buddy, mate, companion etc in dictionary; and it is the actual meaning as per my opinion. In my life, there are very rare friends to whom I like to share everything with them. Still I can't call them my best friend; because I didn't found any of them as fully honest. The reasons may be vary from person to person, but there shouldn't be any barriers among best friends; everything must be clear like crystal or transparent. Then only your companion will be a history and example for others. In my life, I've very rare friends; because I always love and used to stay alone. I didn't believe in complete friendship or never tried for this, as I never want to lose anyone or being upset by anyone in my life.
    Naresh Kumar
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    In childhood, we talk with everyone around us and we don't even know what a friend is. So, we think of everyone as our friend. When studying in schools or colleges, we talk with everyone around us but we become close with only one or two of them. We share our feelings with them and they share their feelings with us. And, we can't share everything with our parents which may be due to the children or the parents. For example, many of my classmates drink alcohol. My parents brought me up in an environment where drinking alcohol etc,. is viewed as a crime. I too view it like that as drinking alcohol develops as an addiction gradually. I didn't even tell this to my parents. But, I tell my friends who do not drink alcohol that the ones who do cannot lead their life properly. In my opinion, a friend is a person with whom we can share everything. By everything, I mean happiness, sadness etc,. I have two such friends now.

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    For me friend mean a person who loves me and as well care for me. And a true friend is who, who is ready to help me in any situation of life. A person can see his/her true friend only when he/she is in a bad phrase of his/her life. For me a friend is a friend who cares about me, and they too will feel sorrow when i feel bad.
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    In my dictionary the meaning of the friend is elaborate in the sense that a true friend is one who is always above the nearest relatives and this is always testified with having utmost cooperation at the thin and thick time of our life. In this regard I always remember the famous saying that " A true friend is the one who knows all about you and still likes you ". I think the statement is quite clear. Those who knows about our demerits and drawbacks and still behave and move with us are the real friends. Surely such friends wont be many but they would be handful. We might have many friends, but we always share some rapport with those who are considered more than anyone else.
    K Mohan
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