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    The risk and responsibility in students while travelling in city buses

    Not only in big cities but also in many places the students are travelliing the city buses with their school bags with heavy weight. There is no alternative to lift all the books to them though there is existence of simplification in study material systems. But the students irrespective of age and body level are carrying a heavy weight through a shoulder bag which may definitely affect them verymcuh with spondylitis. Besides this they should hold down their bags once entered into the bus other wise should stand in a position so as it should not hinder to the other passengers. Many other passengers are getting into trouble while travelling in the bus especially in the school opening and leaving hours. Another thing in them is they should plan to board in a particular bus but they are running towards the bus as if boarding into the bus but come back with the intention of going into the next bus. This creats problem to the other passengers and the bus driver/conductor start the bus without waiting. These are all cannot be corrected either by authorities or by teachers but the parent should advice them and te students themselves realize the situation and form a group in themselves to advice other students.
    Teachers as per their role they can advice the students by explaining the situation generally in the classrooms.
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    I have written an extremely useful Forum post on a similar issue in my 'Top tips' series. For the sake of readers, I am giving a clickable link of my earlier Thread:-
    Top tips to go to school safely (for students). I would request the Members to go through the earlier thread also along with the present thread.

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    It is very difficult to convince students to travel orderly in the city buses as they wont listen for the reasons known to themselves. In Hyderabad city the students are given hefty concessions in city buses and with paltry amount they misuse the concession bus pass and use the same for personal and pleasure use. Moreover students thinks that by having pass they need not be tamed or demanded. They never get out of the boarding and alighting area thereby giving lots of hardships to elders and the ladies. The students have the tendency to travel foot board and they wont allow other passengers to get in. In the bus also they occupy with their big bag and not giving chance to other passengers. The biggest problems is faced at the terminal. As most of the school and college timings are the same, all the student come out of the college and school and rush to the bus station and there by we see commotion and confusion as there wont be orderly behavior from the children.
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    Primarily such situation arises as during the peak hours, the number of passengers increases manifold. The only available solution seems to be increasing the frequency of the buses during the peak hours, staggering the timings in different schools and creating awareness among students to the possible extent. Travelling in public transport by the students is itself a major challenge to them. The punctuality of the pubic transport can never be made perfect and the student's community is generally always prone to be indisciplined.
    With the ever increasing population at an exponential rate and growing congestion on the roads due to increase in number of the vehicles, there is a limit to expand the infrastructure. Such a situation has led to the creation of transport modes like metro railway in major cities and monorail like systems in Mumbai.
    The current scenario has put pressure on all stakeholders including the conductor and driver of the buses. Perhaps student special buses can be thought of on the trunk routes which can be used for other classes of passengers during the non-peak period.

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    Students studying in schools are required to carry a lot of books these days. When I am studying 10th standard, I used to carry about 20 two hundred pages books everyday to school. One day, I was punished for not bringing an other book. I blame the schools for this. Such schools can provide lockers etc,. for students to keep the books needed everyday. Many problems are caused by students with heavy bags in buses etc,. Students enjoy standing at the door of the buses which creates a problem for the people getting in and out. I too enjoy standing at the door but I do it if it causes problems to nobody. It is true that this behavior cannot be changed if teachers advice them. But, students won't listen even if the parents advice them as it is how they behave at that age.

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    Mohan sir, the playful activities of students in Bus or train is normal and we cannot stop and they also do not stop themselves or even heed our advice but thing I mentioned is holding a big bag containing books they board in shoulders are the hindrance to other passengers for which they have to adjust themselves by standing in either front or backside of the bus.

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