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    How many of you still taking laxative measures or following for your children?

    In olden days parents used to give laxative liquid like Caster oil or laxative tablets/liquid for atleast once in a year to their children and elders also follow the same for clearing their stomach.hat experience is different to enjoy. But I don otknow how many people are following this in their homes. I heard that in some hospitals before giving a ne w medicine they are giving to clear the stomach. How many of you are still following this in your house for yourselves and for your children?
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    In Telugu we call it Aamudha Nune and in Tamil we call it Vallakennai. Castor oil is very important for the children as they bound to eat varied type of food and to clear the stomach from the unwanted side effects, by consuming castor oil, the stomach gets clear. Elders are also advised to take this medicinal oil for total over hauling of the stomach. This can be taken during holidays or the next day when some big functions were held previously.
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    I have never heard about taking the laxative as an annual ritual in north India. People resort to such practices only when afflicted with constipation like ailments which primarily depends on the type of food ingested. I think by taking due care in the selection of food, it is possible to totally prevent constipation like conditions.
    Psyllium seed husks commonly known as 'isabgol' is a very popular remedy for management of constipation. It is indigestible and acts as a source of soluble dietary fiber. The husk has hygroscopic properties which allow it to expand in contact with water which adds bulk to the stool.
    Nowadays synthetic bulk forming agents like Metamucil, Citrucel, FiberCon etc., are also being used.
    Ingestion of fiber rich food e.g. green vegetables like beans, spinach, peas and fruits like apple, peach, banana etc. prove helpful in preventing such conditions.
    As a matter of fact, the conditions like constipation should be managed by regulating food intake instead of by taking laxatives.

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    What a subject you posted now which is much relevant to me! During my childhood it was a practice to have four oil baths in a month preferably on each Sunday or Saturday. And it was a practice to have ground Ginger (a liquid drink) to have our bowel cleared. Whenever there used to be constipation problem, my mother used to buy 'Fargolax' which used to empty the bowel thoroughly.

    A recent experience : As I was suffering from constipation, I went to a Siddha doctor who prescribed an oil to be consumed for three days with Neeraharam ( previous days rice soaked water). Despite having it regularly for three days, the constipation problem became serious with no motion at all. Then I had tried with few Ayurvedic tablets and Cantalax . I also took castor oil to see the effect. OMG! No effect at all. I lost hope and thought I would die of constipation. Almost for five days, I did not get my bowel cleared and suffered mentally. Finally, I had to go to a famous Gastro care centre for treatment. He examined me thoroughly and prescribed the following medicines for 15 days.
    1. FABOLITE (Micro-ionized Isabgol Husk) a powder type - to be taken during night after dinner, A spoonful powder to be diluted with 150 ml water.
    2. PEGALUP - A syrub that contain Polyethelene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride concentrate for oral solution. - to be taken after breakfast (Syrub 25ml : water 75 ratio )
    3. CINTODAC - A capsule - to be taken before breakfast.

    I had the above medicines for two days. What a Magic! The medicines gave me a pleasing effect. My constipation problem solved, and I am now relieved and feeling very good. I am yet to complete the 15 days course. I must thank the Doctor sincerely.

    It cost me Rs. 1000/- including consulting fee of Rs. 200/-. The same medicines can be administered to children in less dosage.

    What I mean is - There are good medicines to overcome laxative problems in life from children to the adults. Now my good old oil bath and ginger water has become a forgotten dream .

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