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    Kannada serials are not having any story

    Hi Friends,

    Today I wish talk about Kannada serial Putta gowri maduve in ETV Kannada. So stupid serials which is not good at all. I don't understand why such type of serial's are allowed to telecast. Can any body stay without telling about her husband to her very close friend whose her husband's lover also. What nonsense ethics in this. I think that this serial proves that women's are cheated by women's only. "AURTH KA DUSHMAN AURTH" . I just pray that this serial should be stopped immediately and telecast some good serials which leave a good message. Its a story from hindi serial which is still more bakwas. I think the writer does not think for reality in life all imaginary. But really by watching this serial most of our precious time is gone to waste. I don't no why people are still watching. I have even posted a comment in their facebook.
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    I do agree that some serials are shown with meaningless story line which cannot happen in real life. In Tamil also a married women is allowing another women to get married with her husband to just take revenge of her husband. Such kind of serials make mockery of our tradition and custom too. In Hindi serial Saath Nibaya Sathiya, we can see the confused character of Ishitha. She married a person , has the girl child, again comes to life of Raman, then some one chases her, she goes hiding, come again and likes Raman and meanwhile during hiding she develops close relations with her original husband. i have been closely watching that in this serial every female character is having more than one husband in their life and that is very disgusting. There must be censor board for even tele serials , otherwise the contents shown here are very objectionable and they are even over riding the movies with vulgar content. Some serials are unfit to watch with the families as more scant clothes are used by the lead characters. Even songs of movies are introduced to bother us further.
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    Well, this is the case with Telugu serials too. Almost all of the Telugu serials are garbage. Nobody watches serials in my family. But, my mother once watched some episodes of a serial. A man has to climb a small hill and get to the top. We can climb that hill in ten minutes or so. But, it takes three episodes (3 x 20 minutes = 60 minutes) for the man to climb the hill. The artists do heavy make up which looks disgusting. It irritates me even to see a small clip of some serials. I don't know about Kannada serials but some Telugu serials are telecast for 10,000 plus episodes. Can you believe it? On the other hand, English serials are too good. They may be telecast for less than fifty episodes but each episode contains the content of a movie. I hope the government bans the useless serials and allow only the good ones to be telecast. If that is done, makers will stop making such serials completely.

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    The issue is not only with serials in Kannada or any other specific regional language. It is a universal phenomenon with almost all the serials in all language genres. You cannot blame the producers or the makers alone. The serials are produced that way because they sell. Maybe a handful of people who do not like them - like the few of us who are discussing it here or elsewhere. But, there are viewers available for those shows and they have been the die hard fans. Unless a time comes when everyone ( or at least a majority) ditches them, the change cannot be visible.

    There are some shows which begin with a message. And later, as the popularity rises, they shift and follow the same steps. A classic example is Balika Vadhu. It began as a story against the evils of child marriage. Has anybody seen where it has reached? It has lost the relevance with respect to the storyline, but still running just because people follow it intently.

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    There is no exception or escape for serials without story or theme or meaning irrespective of languages. I thing the television channel people are discussing themselves to telecast a same serial with dubbing language. Because many serials I am seeing in Telugu,malayalam,kannada and Tamil having same serial. Mostly all serials are containing characters with revenging one another. The beauty in this is all plans of villainy people are not known by the hero people but every action of hero people are known bit by bit by the villain group.

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    The only common denominator to all television channels, be they national or regional or international, is that they are commercial ventures and have to earn a profit. Therefore they go on churning any kind of story which appeals to the masses and prompts them to watch the same. Generally, people have a tendency to live their fantasies through such serials. The stories having a deviant storyline or the usual display of body contours become hit and popular. Luckily, nowadays a wide choice is available to the viewers and they can choose to view any particular serial or not.
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    Not only in kannada, almost in every language serials have no meaning and story. There are series of ghosts and snakes appearing in the serials. There is one serial called sasural simar ka that is telecasting in Color and the ghosts stories are never ending. In any serials, there is no stories and serials are made just for a sake to make money. Serials should be for just a few days so that it can be ended meaningfully but almost all serials are years old and has no clues of ending anytime soon.

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