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    Mysore Zoo has just become a business place

    Hi Friends,

    Recently during the last vacation we had visited Mysore zoo. But now they have banned plastic bags or bottles there that's really good. But the animals in the zoo have gone down. Most of the cages where empty. They don't allow any eatables to take inside. even if we take they cut and put it in the paper cover. So we had planned we will buy any eatables inside only. After walking a long distance we found a eatable shop there a small packet biscuit is charged 20 rs where outside its just 10 rs. I same way many items are the same. I wish to say that when they don't allow any eatables to take inside then they have to provide inside at the same rate why so costly there. Hardly there are guards to check the visitors because some people stand in front hours together and they don't even allow others to see. The guard standing there doesn't any thing. So this time not so much fun when watching the zoooo
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    Generally visiting zoos in the morning before 11 AM and in the afternoon after 3 PM increases the chances of spotting more animals. The birds remain more active in the morning hours and in the day time, the mammals remain inactive due the severe hot conditions.
    Generally, in all zoos, food items are not allowed due to security considerations as it is afraid that the unscrupulous elements may attempt to poison the animals by throwing food items inside their cages. Security personnel deployed inside the zoos are concerned about the animal security also.
    However, I do agree that in such cases, suitable canteen facility should be provided inside for the visitors. Funnily enough, inside the zoos, elaborate kitchen facility is developed for feeding the creatures kept inside suitably.
    Generally, on weekends more activity can be seen in the zoos.

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    Normally Zoo is the place for watching the behavior of animals and that would have great interest for the children and at the same time after walking so much distance, we feel like sitting and having snacks. The home prepared items must be allowed with a rider that the area must be cleaned before leaving. When we see greenery and lots of trees, the children feel like playing hide and seek games and they eventually get tired and want some food or snacks. By banning out side food, the zoo authorities have taken wrong decision. Now a days people are more environmental friendly and surely they must behave with eco system by abiding rules. The Mysore Zoo authorities mus lift the ban.
    K Mohan
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    I don't think zoo officials can do anything except allowing outside food. But if they allow outside food, people may try to feed animals. Some animals may suffer from health problems if they eat our food. So, it is better to say that the shopkeepers inside that zoo are greedy. This is the case in many other places too. For example, the seven hills in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. There, the cost of everything is almost double to the original cost. But, visitors have no other option to get food. In my opinion, government must introduce some rules and regulations on selling prices in such areas.

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