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    What are the Cash Program that are presently running on ISC?

    It is requested to provide information about cash programs that are presently running on ISC forum besides AdSense revenue.
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    Piyush, with a note that it is discouraging to know that a member who is at Gold level has not yet tried to look into the pinned threads in forum index, I invite your attention to the thread on ongoing awards and rewards at ISC. Please go through and you will get the answer. There is a change in the TOW awards that has been announced recently which you may like to check. It would be nice if you find some time and remain connected and active here by posting contents in the different sections, starting with forum. Hope to see your name popping up quite often!
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    (Got posted concurrently with Lead Editor Saji's post)
    The author may visit and study the following threads, to begin with -
    Post content and make money from ISC
    Ongoing Awards & Rewards in
    However, it is advisable that author should explore the various sections of ISC for familiarizing himself with the various aspects including the opportunities for earning. Continuing in the forum section also helps in this regard.

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    I want to get information regarding the amount that is paid for different Cash program that is run by India Study Channel. I tried to found the post regarding the amount that is paid for various program but unable to find information .If any one has information regarding this please share.

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    I couldn't get you Mr. piyush. The responses by Mr. Saji Ganesh and Mr. Kailash Kumar provide links to the threads which involve information about all the ways of earning cash credits from ISC. Could you elaborate your question?

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    If you are asking about the fixed amount payable for each of the posts, I am sorry to let you know that there isn't a concept called fixed remuneration for any contribution. The cash credits will depend completely on the quality of your contribution. Forum section, for instance will not have regular cash credits allotted. Ask Experts responses will be given cash credits based on the depth and relevance of your answers.

    Articles posted by you will again be dependent on the quality and topic covered. In any of the sections here, you cannot have a fixed pricing structure.

    Hope this clears the doubts you have. I just hope you would be coming up with some good contribution rather than focussing on cash credit part of the game.

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    Piyush- There is no fixed rate of assigning credit e.g. on the basis of the number of words typed etc. Instead, the cash credits are assigned by the editors on the basis of the quality of the contents. The articles may be assigned cash credits ranging from Rs. 15 to even more than Rs. 100 in the case of outstanding articles of exceptional quality. In the case of ask expert answers the cash credits may range from Rs. 1 only to even more than Rs. 10 depending on the depth, relevance and such other factors.
    Sometimes the forum threads and responses also fetch cash credits generally in the range of Rs. 2 to Rs. 5, though enhanced cash credits can be assigned by the editors in case of winning contest entries.
    Articles of topical interest with a potential to fetch traffic to the website and developed in an almost flawless language are generally assigned more cash credits.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash Kumar

    Thankyou for the in depth response .It will help all respected member in improving this platform by there valuable articles

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