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    At ISC, Prerogative overpowers Discipline and Obedience

    It is my sincere observation. Whenever a member is checked for their discipline or obedience or irrelevancy, they start saying that it is their prerogative to do so. Why can't the members maintain discipline and be obedient to ISC? Why do they make use and take shelter behind the word 'prerogative' for their wrong doings?
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    What I observed over all these years that since this site is not paid service site nor we are working as paid employees, the members feels that they cannot be boss over by others simply with their over style performance. And mind it every one is learning and re learning many things here and there are every chances of mistakes and errors. For that reason some over enthusiastic members to post themselves as the trouble shooters and take the rights on their own without even understanding the very fabric of this great site. That is the reason being so unnecessary misunderstanding, word duels and heated exchanges appear. If a member does not like the post or the contents, it is better to keep off and not to make any chiding remark. Editors of this site are watching the happenings very closely and even our ME is very active in this forum. So taking remedial action if the thread goes wrong is their prerogative and not any member has the right to belittle others. If this concept is understood, then this forum can stand as the number one discussion platform in the world.
    K Mohan
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    I agree with the author on this point. It has happened with me. Whenever I have pointed out the errors committed by the fellow members, I have been branded as acting as an editor myself.

    What actually happens is when you are used to a site, you tend to get the crux of the site and the way you need to behave in the site. When you see a member moving away from the guidelines, you feel like pointing out the same to the member. And when you do so, the concerned member retorts saying it is his prerogative. It should be understood that the site works on the basis of certain guidelines and one has to abide by them. There is an irony here - the same member who makes those comments that it is prerogative fails to understand that it should be the same with other members as well. They make it a point to poke their nose into what others have posted saying it is not allowed.

    Double standards, I must say!

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Irrespective of the deep understanding of the policies and guidelines of the website, the members are not vested with the powers of enforcing the same. Once a content posted in ISC survives then it should be presumed that the same has passed the scrutiny of the vigilant editors. Offering adverse comments on such contents is liable to be interpreted as casting aspersions on the functioning of the editors. I do maintain that the editors of ISC are very competent and perform their duties and responsibilities with due diligence. Therefore, I don't see any reason for members to offer negative comments on the contents posted by the fellow authors.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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