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    Side effects of being silent

    Elders used to say that one must be a attentive listener so that the intentions of the opposite person and his inner feeling could be understood. But in reality when we keep quiet the opposite persons takes that as our weakness and they tend to behave strangely and even offend us very much. Even in class room if a student is silent, the friends wont like him nor the teacher who wants to have interactions with every student. When some body wants to be in Maun Vrat, (that means keeping mum ) for the whole day, the society wont allow him to do so because talking has become the integral part of our daily life and we cannot be silent.

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    An excellent and relevant thread. today we have been habituated to live in a cacophony of sounds, which can be termed as noise. So, the benefits of maintaining silence need to be understood by all. However, can we state that the title , "Side effects of being silent" is apt? Generally the phrase 'side-effect' is used to indicate something negative.

    I really like the message which Mr. Mohan has tried to convey by this thread.

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    Keeping silent is not always a good habit. There are many side effects of being silent always; some of them are:
    1. The person will be avoided in every aspect and occasion due to very silent and less interaction.
    2. Partners may have doubt in every situation and concept if the person maintains silent always.
    3. It is difficult to understand a silent person very clearly.
    4. Silent people are very dangerous than others as it is critical to study their mind; they won’t speak clearly; maintain all secrets in their heart.
    5. Silent (maun vrat) is a method of creating energy level in your body; however living in a society and being silent always is very dangerous. Sometime negative thoughts will come that can’t be avoided if you keep silent. Some silent people will go to depression due to this.

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    I agree with you Mr. Mohan. Being silent may not lead to good results these days. If a conversation is going on and we don't speak anything, people may view us as an odd one. If a verbal duel is going on and we don't speak anything, people may think that we did a mistake and the opposite person may take it as an advantage. I think the term 'Maun Vrat' becomes obsolete in the coming days as majority of a person's daily routine involves talking. Being silent maybe helpful some times but not at all times.

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    Well, keeping silent will make you become branded either as an introvert or asocial ( By ASOCIAL, I mean the one who stays away from the society at large- please do not confuse it with anti-social). You will lose your social contacts. People will stay away from you.
    If you are silent during a duel, you will treated as the one who has committed the mistake, or the one who is supporting the miscreants. Expressing one's views is always the best policy without worrying whether you are correct or not. Put your ideas across - don't just be a silent spectator.

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    When we come in contact with a new person, we have to interact with him/her in case we intend to develop a relationship. Such interactions begin through conversations only. The requirement of developing the relationships vary on individual basis. Many prefer to have only a select group to interact with , though many others prefer a larger group which may even be superfluous in nature. Those who are selective, find no urge to jump on any conversation fray on the slightest pretext. Such people choose to remain silent.
    Interestingly enough, nowadays people are prone to adopt 'Maun Vrat' due to a different reason which is technical in reason. One has to either focus on his/her smartphone for chatting in the cyber world or indulge in conversation verbally.
    In the cyber world, one can converse a lot, even shout or cry despite being outwardly silent. Many close friends sit side by side though remain busy on their respective smartphones. In such cases, an intangible communication takes place between them through some invisible waves in case their wavelengths matches like in the case of a Bluetooth device.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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