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    How to introduce your spouse or partner to someone in a party/function?

    Unsure on the right protocol to introduce your spouse or partner to another person at a function? Get expert tips and advice on the correct way to do so.

    Members please share your valuable skills on speaking and interacting with people. I wish to know how to introduce your wife/husband/partner to someone else when you go to some party/function. I just want to know this protocol very clearly, with proper English grammar. Please don't take it personally. Just let us know with some examples of introductions. It is very well known to everyone that introduction will take not more than a minute of time. However, the two to three lines you speak about your spouse with another person whom your partner doesn't know is very vital. You need to make them feel proud with your lines.

    Ex: Hi! Meet my wife (with name) or meet my better-half or anything else that could be striking while listening. Then enlighten her profession to make her happy & others proud.

    Need appropriate sentences without any grammatical errors please.
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    We need no grammar while introducing someone to someone. What is required is to say who is what.

    Sun: Hello, (Pointing my good wife to Naresh) My wife , Anamika
    (Pointing my friend Naresh to my wife) Anamika, my friend, Naresh.
    (My wife would say Hello to Naresh and Naresh would say Hello to my wife)
    Then they might interact with questions and answers.
    As my wife Anamika is an introvert, she may not get into conversation except to politely answer questions posed by Naresh .
    If my wife was an extrovert, she might act differently with an array of questions to Naresh.

    One need not use unnecessary words while introducing to others.

    Self Introduction:
    Hi, I am Sun from ISC
    Hi, I am Naresh from Odisha Spider.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    It depends on many factors e.g. to whom one has to introduce his wife. The process begins with the decision to participate in the party together with the wife. Generally, the people in the immediate social circle are likely to have already met the wife and therefore no introduction in required to the known persons. The first interaction with the wife of an individual takes place at the wedding reception where the couple is generally seated at their designated place and I don't think any introduction during such an event is required as it is obvious that the lady sitting on the left side of the gentleman is his wife. During subsequent occasions, sometimes only a formality is expected to be performed in a perfunctory manner in case the other couple is not too close and introduction is expected only as a part of general social etiquette. In such cases, few formal words without any elaborate description may serve the purpose.
    In many traditional societies, the wife introduces herself by volunteering to touch the feet of the elder couple even in a party. Thus there cannot be any hard and fast rule and depending on the occasion, nature of the relationship, social etiquette and respective local culture, the method of introduction may vary.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    we in Goa introduce our wives as Gharkann. The word Gharkann in Konkani is equivalent to the slang Home Minister used in most circles. The word does not necessarily mean Housewife. It denotes the real meaning of the woman of the house - the Homemaker.

    As for my own preferences, I normally use the words My Better half or my wife. Later I make it a point to denote her interests and occupation (actually she is not working, but has been into a home based business of embroidery and tailoring along with being a recognised crafts teacher).

    Live....and Let Live...!

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