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    Some ugly facets of new forum template

    It is completely my personal observation about the new forum template that could be determined by our webmaster. Some information are not there in new template; like member rank, share buttons of social networking sites, redirect to unanswered questions, commenter's rating, author's photo etc. In addition, some time the right side columns like Ads, Facebook plug-in box, subscribe to email, top contributors list, etc appears below the forum post instead of at right side.

    I am not contradicting with webmaster and his tuning of forum template; may be some hidden benefit in this. It's just my opinion and suggestion about old and new designs.
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    Well for every new transformation there would be minus and plus points. The webmaster Tony is weighing options to present this forum in better way so that more advertisements appear on the pages and the other information which were only required to the members are being shifted to down page. Nothing wrong it. If the members start earning some more income through this new arrangement then that would be well and good. The share button were not provided deliberately because of spamming our contents which are always original and belongs to each author. Once we share our details in the social media through the links, so it appears elsewhere in the internet and that has been reported in the recent past too.
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    There is a special thread created by our Web Master Tony John to report all issues with the new template of ISC . You should make use of it than creating a new thread like this.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Let's wait for few days as the modifications of the interface are in process for the betterment of the site. It would be too early to arrive at a conclusion and all the features existing in the old template would be surely taken care of. Moreover, you can post your opinion or suggestions regarding the new template of the ISC in the thread meant for it as suggested by Sun.


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    Thanks Sun for notifying me about the thread of Tony Sir. Thanks Mohanji and Jagdish Patro for your submission.
    Naresh Kumar
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    In my opinion, judging the new forum template as 'ugly' without knowing the full details is not appropriate, though the users are expected to submit feedback on the new system for possible value additions. Switching over to a newly developed module is always a process, instead of being an incidence. Therefore it takes some time in getting the system stabilized and taking care of 'dot the i's and cross the t's aspects. The actual users can play a very important role by submitting 'user experiences' of the 'given system' only . The decision about design and template etc. of the module is generally considered beyond the scope of the users in such cases.
    As far as, I understand, the basic objective of the new template is to create more space for additional advertisements by shrinking the free user space area. Regarding certain missing features, the same may be included, if possible in due course on getting feedback from the users.
    The advertisments pay to the website, whereas the users i.e. members contribute by posting quality contents in increasing traffic to the website and in the process they themselves earn as per the predetermined norms. Thus the members also play a very important role in the overall performance of the website.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is good to see the members posting their views on the new layout. But, care should be taken while describing your woes about the same. Terming it ugly straightaway would be a little awkward.
    Having said that, let me let share my views on the new layout. The new template is being rolled out in a phased manner. As such, there is a thread created for the feedback from the users. You may post your responses in the concerned thread so that the issues can be fixed. It should be noted that the feeling of uneasiness while using the new template will wean away as you get used to it. New things always need a learning curve. Once you are accustomed to it, maybe you will like the same template.

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    Everyone who has an issue with the new forum template can report it here: Do you like the new template for forum section?. The thread mentioned by Sun is for the new main template, not for the specific forum template.

    Please do not create multiple threads on various issues of the template.

    Managing Editor,

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    The members who regularly respond to resources may get used to this new template faster because the resources section follows the same template. As we are new to this, it may take some time to get used to it. By the way, I too like the previous template when compared to this one. But, we will like it in the coming days because, the bugs present when the new template is introduced about 40 hours back are gradually being removed.
    1) Forum Super Stars are decided based on total points from forum when the new template is introduced. But now, they are determined based on the last 30 days points from forum.
    2) Response numbers like #575757 are not visible when the new template is introduced. But now, they are visible.
    3) Forum footer is not displayed when the new template is introduced. But now, it is displayed.
    In a similar way, our webmasters will remove all the bugs eventually. If we find any bugs, we should report them in this thread by Mr. Tony John.

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