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    What is over smart? Do you think town students are smarter than villagers?

    The word smart means to appearance of a person as per his dress code, neatness, style etc. In another sense, smart also signifies to person's ability, magnetism, behaviour, attitude and quality. The word over smart indicates to a person's over reacting to anything with his behaviour, attitude, quality etc.
    Many village and rural boys/girls after coming and staying in towns for education or job became smarter than their village mates. Some girls behave much more than a normal village girl when they join in colleges and used stay in towns. Suddenly their dress codes, chitchatting, and behaviour get changes as per the town pattern.
    Do you think town students are smarter than villagers in every aspect?
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    A simple definition of being smart may be to become able to overcome stupidity. Evolution of an individual into a smart person is a long drawn process which can be compared with the process of making steel from iron by heat treatment processes like tempering etc. The children of the smart parents inherit such attributes naturally by being raised in such an environment. Generally, in cities, it becomes possible for the students or for that matter for any individual, to interact with a large number of people and thus learn by committing mistakes by trial and error method. When I student from a rural area joins a college first time in a city, he is required to learn from their urban counterparts as to how to cope with certain types of situations. Generally, initially, the rural boys feel that having accessories like a bike, laptop. smartphone, designers/branded clothes and cash to buy pizza etc. will make them smart.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The trait of being oversmart need not be a territory of either urban or rural youth. The trait is within you and it will show itself no matter whether you are in a city or a village. The villages nowadays have not remained aloof from what we see in the cities. The current digitalisation has made almost everyone smart enough. The urban - rural divide has been slowly dying down.
    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Excellent topic and a brilliant response by Mr. Kamat. Even I believe that smartness and over smartness depends on a person's nature. Several people move from rural areas to urban cities and realize the difference in their cultures and upbringing. As they continue to live in the new environment, slowly some change in their attitude and culture occurs even without their knowledge. People always grasp the better things in life and always aim for a better life and when they go back to their native village, they might appear to be over smart to their peers as they haven't changed their old ways. However in today's world with the development of technology more and more people in rural areas are able to lead a better life, buy or get access to TV, view lot of channels, programs, serials and commercials get knowledge and change their old ways, accept progressive changes and lead a smarter life.

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    By the way who said that towns in India are far behind the technologies and fashions being followed in the cities ? Any new technology comes to the city, also goes to the town and eventually the villages too. Never undermine the villagers that they are not aware of new gadgets what we are using. One of my friend who always lives in the village and looks after the farm has modern gadgets at his village home which even the city people wont have. He has the smart phone, note book, digital television with HD functions, big fridge with modern facility and even with Fm radio. And his bike is having all gold plated items as the extra fittings. What I mean to say that if he travels in the city, no one would estimate that he is from the village. Mind it he can also speak good English and baffles many. So next time when a village person tries to be over smart the city lad never get surprised.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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