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    Why are my points reduced and how to add an attachment to a forum thread?

    Just now, I recalculated my points and found that 4 points were reduced from my yesterday's contribution of 66 points. Then, I visited the top performers page and was shocked; it is showing yesterday's points in today's column and day before yesterday's points in yesterday's column. But now, the 'Top Performers' page is showing correct information. I took the screenshots but I don't know how to add an attachment as I couldn't find the feature here. I would like to know the answers to these queries.
    1) Why are the four points reduced?
    2) When will the ISC date change and when will the Top Performers page change accordingly?
    3) How to add an attachment to a forum thread? Is the feature unavailable now?
    Note that I am not disheartened for the points reduction. I just want to know the reason behind it.
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    I just came to know how to add attachments. I am attaching the screenshots now.

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    Well, the date of ISC servers changes at around 12.30pm. The date as of now on ISC is 6th August as I post this response, but it was 5th August around an hour ago.

    As for the question on whether the image upload feature is available, let me sttae that it is very much available. Just scroll down to the page and you should see Attachment (optional). Click on Choose File and select your file.

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    Apart from the technical glitches or bugs etc. in the recalculation tool, as far as I know, the other possible reasons of reduction in points theoretically may be as follows -
    1. Sometimes on review, the points are moderated by the editors e.g in the case of an article response, though initially, the system generated point by default may be 6, but on review, the same may be moderated to 3 with or without assigning cash credits.
    2. In case any thread is deleted, then the points earned by the respondents also get reduced/deleted.
    3. In case a thread is shifted from the forum section to the ask expert section , then the 5 points earned in the forum section get moderated as per the norms of the ask expert section.
    There may be such other more reasons of technical nature.

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    #574347 :
    The screenshot you posted shows how to add an attachment to a forum response. When I raised this thread, I wanted to know how to add an attachment to a forum thread. Now, I know that.

    #574348 :
    I didn't submit any resource responses yesterday and none of my resource responses are in 'new submission' state. The other two reasons may have caused this.

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    I may not be able to convince you about the point reduction. Just trust ISC. ISC will never go wrong with point calculation.
    About attachments.
    1. Attachment to your own thread message.
    You will find an 'attachment' button next to 'edit' button. Click it to find a new page 'Manage Attachment'. In that Click 'Add New attachment/image'. You will get into a page where you will see Attachment 1..... Attachment 2 etc. Just give a title and click 'Browse' . You will be taken to a page (May be, the Desk top) to select your attachment. Select the attachment and click 'OPEN' You will find the file name alongside the 'Browse'. Now click 'Submit attachment'. After that, you will find' list of attachments' where you will find the URL. Copy that URL and paste it in your thread message. Now you have successfully attached your photo/image/information.

    2. About attachment in responses.
    Please note that you need to attach it in the first post itself. Your response cannot be edited to add an attachment. For this click 'Browse', get into the file to select the image, select it, click 'open' and click 'submit' button. It is a very simple procedure.

    Always try to have your photo/images in JPF file, to be visible in your thread posts and responses.

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