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    Have you ever used your mobile phone as a magnifying glass, try it.

    How easy has become our life of having smartphones in our hand. There are so much available in it which we missed to use sometimes. We have Torch, watch, stopwatch, alarm, game, camera what not? Apart from taking images, mobile phone's camera can work very good magnifying glass, which can be used to read even smaller words which we can't read from our eyes.

    It happens with me when I have to read some important words on a part of particular musical instrument. It was so small that the word could be read only through magnifying glass. I had an idea, I took the image on my camera and when I zoomed the image, it was clearly visible what was written on it. I know, many would have used it this way and it may be not new to some, still I would like to share it here so that we can use our mobile phones to maximum.

    Dear members, if you have any ideas to use our mobile in different ways, which can help others, please share it here.
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    Well, I never thought of using smartphone camera as a magnifier. It is indeed a good idea put forward by the author.

    However, one of the latest uses I have been able to use my smartphone has been scanning. I no longer go to a shop for my scanning needs. I just use Google Drive which has the inbuilt scanning feature. The scan feature on Google drive saves the scanned file as a PDF document. It can be saved to your Google Drive cloud storage or on the physical memory of your smartphone.
    I have saved a few of my important documents to my Google Drive by scanning them. It saves time when I have to upload those documents online for any needs. Since Google Drive can be accessed on your PC, it is quite easy to upload the documents on the go.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    As of now, I can see properly and therefore there is no need to use this technique. But, this technique can be useful in the coming days. I use my smartphone for taking photos of the page(s) I need but I don't have. Generally, we have to take a xerox copy of page(s) if we want the information in it/them. If we take a picture of it and copy it to our computer, it is just like having the pages.

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    Even i tried this simple idea to read some messages which are very small. Especially the prescriptions of medicines inside the cover of the bottle always printed in small letters which are not understandable. So cell phone image would work well.
    K Mohan
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    It is rightly said "necessity is mother of inventions". By just viewing our everyday objects in a different perspective we can put them into different uses.
    Some more ideas like these are: cooking using car engine's heat, using a tin bottom as magnifying surface to produce fire, use of foils as mirrors etc..

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    The front camera of the mobile can be used as a mirror to check one's face or hair...

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    I use my phone on weekdays to watch my toddler granddaughter playing in her daycare center at San Jose, CA where a CCTV system is installed. Through an app we log in and keep on watching her playing with other kids and being taken care of by the staff of the day care center as long as we wish. The system enables us to view my son or daughter-in-law also who come there to drop her while going for work. This is in addition to the voice chat daily by my wife and video chats on the weekends by both of us.
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    Smartphone has given us a lot of utilities which wouldn't have imagined 10 years back. Probably there is a computer and scanner in everyone's hand these days. I don't think people need scanners these days and also you can store all your important documents online by clicking the photos. Most of the smartphones have a reflective screen which can easily help you to use it as a mirror during travelling. Even I have used my smartphone to find exact direction for my DTH dish when it lost its direction due to wind through an app. Also, features like payment, online shopping, fund transfer, watching TV and movies etc are some of the additional features which one can access easily through smartphone.

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