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    Got my very first creative badge today

    I just received an alert about my first ever 'Creative Badge' from ISC.There were words of appreciation about my creative writeups in the recently held contests in ISC and also for winning many TOW awards.I would like to look sincerely thank ISC for this appreciation and for making my day.
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    My heartiest congratulations to the author on the occasion of winning her first creative badge.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This kind of award really encourages the author to have more interest in working in this site, congratulations on winning your first badge.
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    Thank you Kailash Sir and Babu Sir for your kind words of appreciation.
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    Congratulations Ms. ar on winning the creative badge from ISC, that too for the first time. Hope you win many more awards, badges etc,. from ISC.

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    In the recent past the author made some impressive contributions and was even ably recognized. So naturally getting a creative badge is on the expected lines and surely that is deserved.
    K Mohan
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    I am so very happy for you. Hope you win many badges in coming days.

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    Thank you Krishna Sir,Mohan Sir and Aditya Sir for your appreciation.
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    Good to know that you have won the badge for the creativity. We have all appreciated your creative write ups before. It feels good to see your creative side being recognised by ISC.

    Congratulations and keep it up.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    My very sincere and heartiest congratulation to creative AR for receiving the prestigious creative badge award. I being the first to receive such a creative badge from ISC (Now I lost it) when it was first introduced at ISC. I now feel proud to congratulate a member awarded with the same creative badge. Well done AR. Keep it up.

    Why not you create a pronounceable profile name at ISC. I find it hard to spell 'ar' being short and small. At least you should make it to a capital 'AR' or with an initial prefixed. For e.g Bar, Car, Dar, Ear, Far, Gar and so on upto Zar. (Just kidding)

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    Congratulation to Ms. Ar on receiving your first Creative Badge. You truly deserved this award. Hope you win many more awards like this.

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    I am really happy that the ISC administration has acknowledged the tremendous creative potential shown by Ms. ar and has issued the creative badge to her. It is apt, to say the very least. I wish to see many more creation from Ms. ar in future.
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