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    Side effects for being a good person.

    Actually now a day if a person stay good with others or with his/her friends then they doubt a lot on our goodness, they think that there might something be which we want from them or any anything like that. So now a day being good to others is also a problem as we got trapped in doubt. So in a way having goodness is a side effect.
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    Yes we are having the twin responsibility of being good and being good to others. While being good must be the endeavor of many but many fail , how ever being good to others is the attention drawing attitude.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Perhaps, it is enough to be good and there is no need of making special efforts for demonstrating as being good to others. In the later case, it appears that conscious efforts are being made for an intended purpose. An offer of help and assistance etc. should not be made voluntarily to the persons who are not family members or very close otherwise. Generally, it is seen that boys are always willing to go out of their way to offer help to girls without asking and sometimes get snubbed also in the process.
    Being good is different from being timid or coy. Many individuals are good for nothing.
    Being good means not to wish or try for harming others. Such people generally mind their own business without interfering or meddling in other's affairs.
    Good people are liked in the society and earn a reputation and respect also. Generally, people trust such people and rely on their advice and opinion.
    The reaction of other persons in the society depends on what are their own characteristics.
    It is always advisable to be good, irrespective of its consequences which ultimately pays in the long run.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree with the author. But, we should know that there are some people who always try to mock others. If a person is good, they may say that he/she is acting. If a person is bad, they may say that he/she is bad and can never be good again. If a person is not good and not bad, they may say that he/she cannot decide what to do. They always try to mock others in anyway possible. If we don't care about such people and continue being ourselves, we will definitely get the result of what we do. In case if someone (who doesn't always mock others) points out our mistake, we should think about it and change ourselves accordingly. In my opinion, a good person should be himself/herself no matter how may people doubt his/her goodness.

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    Being good these days has become a very dangerous habit because people look for good people to cheat them. The biggest side effect of being good is people exploit you according to their need.

    I have seen many sales professional talk about kind of people they meet everyday. They target those who are very well mannered because they don't have habit of saying "No" to anyone. They can easily fall into the trap of cunning people.

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    World has gone so bad that, fake has become normal and real looks fake now.
    I always try to behave good with everyone,unfortunately they think I do that with an intention. Being honest and Frank is like a curse nowadays, it is a hard world for an honest man.
    But you needn't worry, people will eventually learn about you.

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