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    If you give more working to brain during late evening then you will find hard to sleep

    It is the matter to be noted that our brain should not be used continuously and there must be breaks to give it a rest. Normally some people and especially students keep on reading till late night and fail to get the desired sleep which they were getting normally. If we give more thinking power to the brain it keeps on revolving around the information sought and thus the routines are forgotten. So the next day would be very chaotic. Because a good sleep is the must for every one and their cannot be compromise on that.
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    A proper sleep is essential for everyone. That is why my daily routine consists of studying from early morning to morning, college from morning to evening, enjoying from evening to night. Even on the day before final exam, I won't study during evening or night. Instead, I wake up at 03:00 in the morning and study. I completely agree with what you said as I faced many health problems due to lack of sleep some years back. When studying 12th standard, teachers etc,. used to force me to study in their way but that way didn't work for me. So, I used to stay late night and study in my way. There are some days in which I didn't even sleep. I didn't experience its effect immediately but I faced many health problems later due to it. So, I suggest everyone to get a good sleep everyday or else you will suffer later.

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    Our brain cannot work constantly without rest. Sleep not only refreshes the brain but is crucial for the proper functioning of the whole body. A students success depends upon their functionality of their brain. The Brain's ability to understand and memorize. If understanding is a part in scoring good marks, memorizing is another part. In today's competitive world, securing good marks is depended on one's ability to memorise maximum data and reproduce it on paper. I have seen several such students in my college days, who knew nothing about the subject yet obtained good marks due to their memory power. Now that's about memory power and the ability of mind. But a sleep deprived mind not only looses the ability to understand and memorize but also various other things like reasoning, responding to various situations, the whole mental health and physical well-being will be at risk. How many sleep deprived people have lost their lives or met with accidents, only because they fell asleep while driving.
    I have also heard of a horrific and unethical Russian sleep experiment, in which the participants were not allowed to sleep for several days and in the end they lost their mind and became insane. Though the authenticity of experiment and it's results have always been debated lack of sleep definitely effects a person's judgement, increases blood pressure and is dangerous to ones health.

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    The following are some of the sleep hygiene tips -
    1. Don't watch television or play video games or work on computers or the internet while on the bed. Such activities are associated with wakefulness.
    2. Have a comfortable mattress, hide the clock, if you are a clock watcher, set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature (a little cooler is better than a little warmer), turn off the lights, make sure the pets don't disturb and take care of other extraneous noise which may disturb sleep.
    3. Follow same sleep routine i.e. go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time (+/- 20 minutes)
    4. Avoid naps, if possible.
    5. Do not drink caffeine containing beverages like tea, coffee or coca cola in the afternoon/evening.
    6. Cigarettes, alcohol and over the counter medications interfere with sleep.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Normally Doctor says us to have a sleep of minimum 8 hours that is 10 pm to 6 am. But due to various life style and work culture people have changed their sleeping time. Still It is advised not watch television, internet.m mobile uses etc to avoid sleeping at proper timing.
    SO if you want a good sleep y\try to avoid those timing. Because might be these timing you get entertainment but it will affect your next day .

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