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Are you trying to find the weight of the earth? Here is an interesting discussion about the total weight of the earth. Participate and contribute your views of the weight of our mother earth.
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    The weight of the earth is 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons

    Some times some information shared on the social media really baffles us and we feel like sharing the same. The figure written above cannot be told in numerical statement. Here I am asking two questions from the members.

    1. How will you read the figures and convert it to words for the benefit of members.

    2. If the earth was weighed through a machine, then how big the machine would have been.

    Though second question is very imaginary, just for the same of fun the members can respond here with their witty best.
    Do you think anyone can weigh the earth or even accurately calculate the weight of earth? Try to give your answers to the query mentioned above. Let your imaginations fly!
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    You are right Mr. Mohan. Information like this makes us want to share with everyone immediately. My answers are:
    1) I will read it as five thousand nine hundred and seventy two billion billion tons or five crores ninety seven lakhs twenty thousand crores crores tons.
    2) A weighing machine whose width is greater than or equal to 12,742 km (the width of earth).

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    As far as I can see I can read it as 5,972 × 10¹³ tons. and as for the weighing machine it can even be half the width of earth or even lesser. I have a digital weighing scale at home but it is not as wide as my waist line, just wide enough to keep my legs in place.
    but for earth's gigantic size the weighing scale would be really huge and but i wonder what sort of weighing scale would it be, would it be a mechanical one or an electronic one. my imagination is that it would be like the electronic weighing machine similar to the ones, we find at the jewellery shop and huge extra terrestrial aliens pick up the planet and weigh it like gold.

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    It is very easy to calculate the weight of the earth. Since earth is a globe, round in shape like a ball, we should first find out the volume of our earth. Then find out what is the weight of one cubic feet or metre. Note it. Find out the volume of earth in cubic feet or metre. and multiply it with the weight of one cubic feet or metre. No big machine is required to keep the earth and measure its weight. ISC Mathematician can post the forumula to find out the volume of the earth in cubic feet or cubic metre.

    @ You can also go to a fortune teller or a witch and ask for the weight of the earth through his godly powers. Please don't break your head to find out the impossibles.

    Let us try and find out the number of hairs on our head before doing research on the earth's weight.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Mr. Jith (#574395), the first question is to read the number in words. By the way, your answer to the second question (electronic weighing machine similar to the ones we find at the jewellery shop and huge extra terrestrial aliens pick up the planet and weigh it like gold) is funny. I too thought of it but couldn't put it in words.

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    It is rude to ask a lady her age or her weight! So I would say that is the mass of mother Earth and I would read the figure mentioned above as 5.972 sextillion tons.

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    Dear Krishna Teja
    As for the first part of the question, It is true that I did not understand it properly but I felt there was nothing wrong in simplifying it as 5,972 X 10¹³ tons. Five thousand nine hundred seventy two into ten to the power of thirteen tons. Then as for the aliens thing isn't it funny and nice that we got similar thoughts. I just expressed whatever I felt in my mind. Hope there aren't any restrictions on ISC forum that prevents two individuals from posting similar ideology or similar thoughts about a topic. Our universe is so vast and unexplored hence there is every possibility of finding such huge aliens, who can lift our planet earth like a grain of sand.

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    Let us first know the number systems -
    Million - 10^6 (das lakh)
    Billion - 10^9 (ek arab)
    Trillion - 10^12 (das kharab)
    Sextillion - 10^21 (no Hindi equivalent readily available)
    The weight of the Earth is estimated to be 5.972 sextillion metric tons.
    Actually, the figure is not the weight of the earth, but it is the mass, as the weight is the result of Earth's gravitational pull on another object, and the Earth cannot pull on itself.
    Its mass will remain same if it is placed on the Sun or the Jupiter though its weight will be much less on Jupiter than on the Sun since the Sun is the largest planet in the solar system.
    Interestingly enough the Earth is gaining weight @ 40,000 metric tons per year from space debris that fall on Earth.
    Regarding the size, the equatorial diameter is 12,756 Kilometers, the polar diameter 12,713 Kilometers and the circumference 40,075 Kilometers.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good interesting discussions are going on. And please remember that the weight is increasing day by day by virtue of new births, new constructions and new ventures.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The total mass of the earth is not limited to the mass of the earth surrounded by the hard crust or surface on which we live. It includes the mass of the surrounding atmosphere also containing air, dust and pollutants.
    According to estimates, about 50,000 tonnes of earth's mass is lost annually due to the escape of hydrogen and helium gases as these gases are so light that they don't stay permanently in the gravity well of the earth and escape into the surrounding outer space.
    Also, constructing buildings and other structures don't add any mass to the earth as the materials used are already present on the earth and form a part of the mass already calculated.
    However, an extra 40,000 tonnes of space dust converge onto the Earth's gravity well every year.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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