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    Promises have lost its value

    There was a time when people kept the promised made and people feared braking the promises. But now promises have become very common and some people use it even if they know they do not mean it. They have lost the fear of promises and use it in almost every sentence. People start swearing on their loved ones name also even if they know they are lying and also repeat the same mistake even after swearing that they won't. I feel promises have lost its value and meaning and has become a child's game.
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    You are right Ms. sushma. Now a days, people are lying even for very little things. We can lie for others' good but not for our good. Some people even suggest others that 'there is no problem even if we do not keep our promises'. In a discussion with my friends after watching the movie Baahubali, one of my friends said that 'If Kattappa didn't keep his (ancestor's) promise, Baahubali would have lived'. I thought about it and I felt that it is true. If keeping a promise hurts anyone, it is not better to keep that promise. But, it is not better to make a promise that too on the people who love us the most (like parents) when lying.

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    Promises have become like a 'takia kalam' (pet words or phrases) by most of the people these days. They use it in a way totally differently from others who take the promises of the oaths seriously. Generally, the witnesses etc. are required to swear in the name of the God in the court of laws before any testimony. They do so mechanically as if going through a formality though finally give their statements, the way they wish. The individuals holding public offices are also required to take an oath of allegiance and oath of secrecy, though sometimes few of them are caught involved in the scandals and scams.
    It is true that the morals have got devaluated. The faithful one fear the God and try their best to abide by their words. The shameless one treat breaking the promises as smartness.
    No divorce will take in India if the people are able to honor the vows taken during 'saat phere' (seven rounds) which groom makes to the bride and the vows the bride makes to groom.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    While analysing deeply on this issue, I came to the conclusion that it is not fair to fool someone by making false promises even though I have noticed violations from some of my friends. Such breaks of promises can result in personality - disorder at times. It does not matter how smart a man is, at some stage he may prove to be foolish. A man needs peace and for this we must be honest in all the sense.

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    I will totally blame the cell phones for bringing total change in our behavior as we are now habituated to tell lies and never sticks to keep the promise. Gone are the days when people used to fear to give commitments with the virtue that it must be honored at any cost, come what may. But that certain capability of the person has gone and he his now taking refuge by telling so many lies much to the annoy of opposite persons. My elders used to say that we perform puja by chanting mantras through this mouth and when we give promise to some one, it must be honored come what may in between. But that has been forgotten and people are easily being followed with false promise. And what is more interesting that we are not asking the the person the reason for not keeping the promise as we ourselves are fumbling to honor the commitments to others. That way the society is getting adjusted with false promises galore.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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